Budget Shopping: Greenville, SC Shops and Deals to Save You Money

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If you are budget shopping, Greenville, SC has plenty of places with discounts, deals, and savings programs to help you keep more money in your pocket. Use these lists of consignment shops to help with clothes shopping, tips for saving money on food, and lots more.

This article includes:
Budget Shopping for Clothes
How to Save Money on Groceries
How to Save Money: School and Education items

Where and how to shop to save in Greenville, SC

Clothes Budget Shopping: Greenville, SC

It seems my kids are constantly outgrowing clothes so much so that I’ve kind of given up on keeping them fully stocked. If there’s a good deal on jeans, shorts, t-shirts, or sneakers, you can bet those items are going in my cart because someone at home needs them, no question. It’s only gotten worse as we’ve entered the teen years. So, I’m always looking for ways to save money on clothing.


Kids Consignment Shops

Consignment shops can be a great place to find deals on clothes for kids for back to school or anytime. We asked our readers about their favorite kid’s consignment shops near Greenville to build out a list for you! Check out these popular consignment stores for kids near Greenville.

Consignment shops near Greenville, SC.

Consignment Shops Near Greenville, SC where you can buy gently used children’s clothes and goods!

Consignment Sales

Different from a brick-and-mortar shop, these consignment sales happen once or twice a year. In addition to clothes, you’ll find deals on baby items, toys, games, shows, and more. Many people will shop at these events and get their child’s entire wardrobe in one trip. These are the consignment sales happening near the Upstate.

Women’s Clothing Consignment Stores

If you’re loving those consignment store prices, you’ll want to check out these Women’s Clothing Consignment Stores near Greenville. These are reader favorite shops so they come recommended!

Thrift Shops with Clothing Near Greenville

Different from consignment stores, thrift store items are donated and the proceeds are used, usually, to fund a charity organization. Because items are donated the prices are often significantly cheaper than even consignment stores.

Miracle Hill Thrift Stores

  • 504 West Main Street, Easley
  • 14179 East Wade Hampton Boulevard, Greer
  • 114 West Butler Road, Mauldin
  • 701 Pete Hollis Boulevard, Greenville
  • 494 South Pleasantburg Drive, Greenville
  • 3625 SC-153, Powdersville
  • 552 Roe Center Court, Travelers Rest
  • 2419 Wade Hampton, Greenville

Nearly New Shop: 119 Greenacre Road, Greenville

Goodwill: Multiple locations in the Upstate

Red Ribbon Resale: 803 Pendelton Street, Greenville

Dream Center Resale Store: 2111 North Pleasantburg Drive, Greenville

Second Chances Thrift Store: 2425 New Easley Highway, Greenville

Barnyard Flea Market: 2000 Highway 101 South, Greer

Take this thrifting tour for great deals!

6 unique thrift shops on Wade Hampton in Greer and Taylors, SC

Wade Hampton Thrift Shops, Greer and Taylors, SC

Deals and Coupons at Big Box Stores

Don’t overlook rewards programs, coupons, and apps when clothes shopping. These little things, especially when combined with sales really add up.

For example, did you know that you can return Amazon items to Kohl’s, and not only will they handle your return, but they’ll also give you a $5 coupon to use on anything in the store? The Kohl’s clearance sections are often very affordably priced making it possible to get a shirt for just a dollar or two after that coupon. Seriously, my husband’s winter wardrobe is predominantly thanks to Amazon returns at Kohl’s.

Kohl’s also has a rewards program that sends you coupons for your birthday and based on the number of past purchases, which can also add up.

Use Apps

If you’re shopping at Target, don’t forget to check the sales in their app, which may not show up on signs in the store. There are big discounts hiding in the app and you don’t get them without it.

Check out coupon rebate Apps like Ibotta and stack them with store deals whenever possible.

Food Budget Shopping: Greenville, SC

Grocery Delivery and Pick-up

One way to save money is by ordering groceries, which sounds strange because there is often at the very least the addition of a tip or delivery fee to consider. However, when ordering groceries it can be easier to stick exactly to your list of needs and leave impulse items on the shelves. We have a list of grocery delivery and pick-up options in the Upstate.

Clearance Sections at the Grocery Store

If you do head to the store in person, learn how your stores handle clearance items. Did you know if you head to the back of Lowes Foods you’ll find a bakery clearance shelf and a pantry items clearance shelf? My kids love to stop here because they know I’m much more likely to pick up that specialty bread item if it’s a dollar or two and not $5. Lowes also has clearance dairy and deli items located in their refrigerated sections with large red stickers on individual items with a price drop. Look for them and you can really save.

Shopping from local farms

Shopping from local farms can also save you money, especially if you are buying items that are in season or in bulk. This might mean purchasing and freezing gallons of berries during pick season, or purchasing a side of beef cut to order once a year.

School & Education Savings

School Supplies: Don’t forget we have a list of places where you can get free school supplies in the Upstate!

Teacher gifts: Yes, we have a list for that, too. Here are some ideas about what gift to get your child’s teacher and we even have some low-cost and totally free ideas that teachers love.

What gifts do teachers want?

The Golden Apple of Gifts!

Gift Ideas for Your Kids Teacher

Deals on the School Uniforms that Fit: Our readers chimed in about their favorite places to buy school uniforms for price, comfort, and more.

Need a Uniform? These places have everything you need for back-to-school uniforms.

The best places to get school uniforms for your kids.

Tax-free weekend: In South Carolina tax free weekend offers an opportunity to save a little money by not paying sales tax on specific items like clothing and computers.

Deals for tax-free weekend shopping near Greenville, SC.

Tax-free Weekend Deals that you are going to want to bookmark!

Cheap haircuts, dental care, and more at Greenville Tech Student-Run Clinics! Hair cuts for kids are just $5 at Greenville Tech and there are several other services that including dental care and dog grooming that are available to the public at a steep discount.

Learn more about Greenville Technical College’s discounts on select services, from dental care to haircuts!

Dental services at Greenville Technical College in Greenville, South Carolina.

The Book Warehouse Outlet in Easley, SC offers 70% off list prices for books, puzzles, and more. Public sales are offered once a month. Check out our review of The Book Warehouse Outlet.

Book warehouse outlet

Love to Read?

Learn more about The Book Warehouse Outlet and why it is the best place to shop for CHEAP books near Greenville, SC!

What are your favorite places to save money?

Save money on things to do with this list of free and cheap things to do in Greenville, SC!

Free Things to Do in Greenville, SC
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