Ice on Main: Live Out Your Winter Dreams On The Ice In Downtown Greenville, SC

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Ready to skate at Ice on Main in Downtown Greenville? You heard that right; you can go ice skating outdoors in downtown Greenville, South Carolina, on natural, actual ice this holiday and winter season. One of America’s favorite winter traditions, open-air ice skating outdoors is a rare treat. You can celebrate the holiday season in the heart of Downtown Greenville at United Community Bank Ice on Main. So bring your perfect balance, all your grace, or just your two left feet, and have some fun. Rent some skates, enjoy a hot chocolate and soak up all the winter ice skating memories.

Greenville’s 2022/2023 skating season will begin on November 14th, 2022 and run through January 16th, 2023. So grab your family and find out what you’ll need to hit the rink this winter! We have all the details on rink hours, special promotions, advanced tickets, and more.

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Greenville, South Carolina, may not freeze over often, but the city has a skating rink during the winter months just waiting to test your skills.

Ice On Main in Greenville, South Carolina

There is something so special about Ice on Main in downtown Greenville. Maybe it’s the beautiful location right in downtown or maybe it’s the overhead lights or maybe it’s just knowing that you can make those fantastic memories with your family right here in Greenville.

It doesn’t even matter if you’re a horrible skater. We’re in the South! It’s not like we have frozen lakes everywhere to practice on. Even if you’re hugging the side of the rink, it’s still really fun. Or you can hold hands with your kids or significant other and just hope you both don’t go falling over together.

Either way, I think Ice on Main should definitely be on your to-do list for winter in Greenville.

Ice On Main is Great for Beginners: Skate Aids

One of the unique features of Ice on Main, over other local rinks, is the skate aids that they offer. The plastic walker-shaped aid has handles and gives children 12 and under something to hold on to instead of the railing on the side of the rink. These are first-come, first-served, and is an additional $3 rental fee. Be sure to arrive early to secure one, as they sometimes run out during peak times.

Skating is open to all age skaters. However, the smallest rental skate is a children’s size 8, and the largest adult size is a Men’s size 13.

Skate Rentals Are Included, But You Can Bring Your Own

Bringing your skates won’t save you money on tickets, because rental skates are included in the admission price.

But for those who skate regularly or plan to, bringing your own skates is definitely an option.

If you think you or your child will be on the ice all winter long, purchasing them a pair of skates might be a good idea. You could continue the fun at The Pavilion in Taylors after Ice on Main is done for the season.

Out On The Ice

Each session is an hour long, and while they accept walk-up skaters if space allows, making a reservation is recommended. There’s a restroom right next to the rink and a concession shed with drinks and snacks. To make the most of the hour, try and take care of potty breaks before your session begins. There’s no place to secure your belongings while on the ice, so only bring what you can carry if everyone in your party will be on the ice.

If skating works up an appetite, here’s a guide to restaurants in Downtown Greenville to check out this winter.

2022/2023 Season Ice On Main Info

Ticket Prices

Sessions are hour-long and are non-refundable. Check Ice on Main’s Facebook page before heading out, as sometimes the weather will close the rink.

  • $10 | Adults age 13+  
  • $8 | Children age 3-12
  • FREE | Children 2 and younger
  • $2 | Skate Aid Walker rental

Advance Ticket Purchases are not required but encouraged.

Normal Rink Hours

The 2022/2023 Ice on Main season will begin on November 14th and run through January 16th, 2023. Operating hours vary on Holidays.There will be an opening ceremony on November 14th at 11 am as well. For the Holiday Hours, check the times on the Ice On Main website.

  • Monday – Thursday | 2-9 PM
  • Fridays | 2-10 PM
  • Saturday – Sunday | 11 AM – 10 PM

Birthday Parties

Did you know you can rent the ice rink for a birthday party or other special event? You can! You receive $2 off per ticket and must purchase 30 tickets to receive the discount and rent the rink.

Private bookings are available Monday through Friday (2 – 5 pm), with blackout dates for discounted rink rentals being November 24 – 26, December 17 – January 2, and January 17.

Promotional Offers

Check Ice on Main’s Facebook page for other themed and promotional night announcements.

  • $5 Skating Tuesdays in November and January | 2-9 PM
  • $5 Skating Tuesdays from December 21st through December 28th | 3 – 10 PM
  • See the website for a list of other promotional nights

Parking and Location

Ice on Main is located in the courtyard in front of the Courtyard Marriott at 206 South Main Street. The hotel has a parking garage, and there are other Downtown Greenville Parking Facilities available nearby.

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