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Looking for a place to sled in Greenville, SC? With snow in the forecast we’ve seen a lot of parents asking about great places to bring the family to sled. We asked our readers for their ideas and the Kidding Around team members pitched in with a few ideas of their own. So, to help you enjoy the rare Upstate, SC snow, here’s our list of places for sledding near Greenville and across the Upstate!

Go Sledding in the Upstate Safely

The first thing to remember about snow in the Upstate is that roads are commonly a problem. Before you load up your kids and sleds into the family car, check on the local road conditions. Follow any emergency requests to stay off the roads. All the sledding fun in the world isn’t worth an icy car wreck and potential injuries. Safety first!

If you are unable to get in the car and drive to a good sledding hill, check out your neighborhood or a park within walking distance. Even if your yard doesn’t have a hill, maybe the neighbor does. Many folks will happily open their snow-filled yards up to neighborhood kids doing a little sledding. Last but not least, parents don’t forget, even without a hill you can have lots of fun and laughs just pulling kids around. I promise they won’t forget the day you took them out in the yard and pulled them on a sled as you ran back and forth across the snow.

Good Places to Sled in Upstate SC

If driving conditions are safe, here are some parks with hills that readers enjoy visiting for sledding.

NOTE: Spartanburg Parks are closed Sunday, January 16th, 2022.

Tyger River Park, Duncan: There is a good hill adjacent to Clubhouse Drive

Century Park, Greer: Try the hill where the hillside slide is located.

Barnett Park, Spartnburg

East North Street School, Greenville

Herdklotz Park, Greenville

Legacy Park, Greenville

Campbell’s Covered Bridge, Landrum: Avoid the hill that ends in the creek, instead use the hill behind the bridge. (On the same side as the parking lot)

Where is your favorite place to go sledding?

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