Atlanta Braves: Experience a Major League Baseball Game near Greenville, SC

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Are you wondering what it’s like to go to an Atlanta Braves Game? The Atlanta Braves, in Atlanta, GA, are the closest Major League Baseball team to Greenville, SC – and boy is it worth the experience of going to a game there! We were invited to an Atlanta Braves game and are here to tell you all about how to experience the thrill of a MLB game at Truist Park with your family. 

Thank you to Cobb Tourism & Travel for inviting us to an Atlanta Braves game and arranging the trip!

I had grown up going to Philadelphia Phillies games with my family and they were always a lot of fun because of the excitement of going to a big game in a big city in a big stadium. The closest MLB team we have nearest us in Greenville, SC are the Atlanta Braves. I could not have been more excited to take my own kids to experience some of that same excitement I felt as a kid at a Major League Baseball game. 

The Battery at Truist Park
Game day photo!

Atlanta Braves: Truist Park 

The Braves play at Truist Park, a 41,000-seat stadium with four levels, dozens of restaurants, and a play area for kids with a zipline, climbing wall, and batting cage. 

Tickets can be purchased through the MLB website, which is linked to Ticketmaster. Getting the MLB app and the Ticketmaster app before you make your purchase can help make things go smoother. You’ll need to show your tickets on your phone to get in as paper tickets are not accepted. The venue is also cashless. 

One cool thing that I wish I knew about beforehand is the Truist Park Tour, a guided 90-minute tour of the stadium. The Atlanta Braves is the longest, continuously operative franchise in Major League Baseball so they have an extensive and fascinating history, which you’ll learn about on this tour. Plus, you get to visit places in the stadium you wouldn’t otherwise get to see, like the dugout (on game days, you have to take earlier tours to see the dugout), and without thousands of other fans with you. You have to reserve these tickets online and they happen almost every day. Tickets are $32/adult and $20/kids. 

Atlanta Braves: The Battery 

The Battery is like a tiny town in and of itself outside of Truist Park. There’s an entertainment facility, lots of restaurants, places to shop, a big green space and stage for live entertainment, parking, and a hotel. 

We went over to Goldberg’s for breakfast the morning of the game to check it out and I ended up participating in an awesome, free workout by Amy by Bodyfit. I didn’t know who she was until I looked her up later (turns out she is crazy popular) but the workout was a blast! But during the time before the game, the place is packed with people getting cocktails and beer, the kids playing in the splash pad, people eating dinner, promoters giving away free stuff, drummers playing on their five-gallon overturned buckets, mascots taking photos with fans, and just an overall fun and exciting vibe happening. 

Splashpad at The Battery at Truist Park
Splashpad at The Battery at Truist Park

We had no idea where to turn first when we got there. We ended up taking the hotel shuttle over to The Battery and went in search of dinner but got easily distracted by all the fun things happening around us. It was recommended to us to eat at PH’EAST, a Far East food hall on the outskirts of The Battery and a little less crowded than the restaurants nearest the stadium. That was an excellent recommendation but my kids decided they wanted something a little more American. The food looked amazing though and they had bathrooms. 

We ended up eating at a food truck right outside one of the stadium gates that served fries, burgers, and hot dogs. It was actually pretty good, much to my surprise. There really isn’t anywhere there that serves cheap eats but there are lots of excellent options like tacos, nachos, a beer garden, a pizza place, and a burger joint. After looking at several of the menus while walking around, I don’t think you can go wrong with any option. 

Just be sure to decide if you want to eat at The Battery or not before going into the stadium because once they scan your tickets, you can’t leave and reenter. 

Atlanta Braves: Watching the Game 

The game itself was so exciting and a lot of fun. The music, the energy, and the fans were engaging and lively. 

When the pitcher struck out a player of the opposing team, fireworks went off. The race of the Home Depot tools (people dressed up as a paintbrush, hammer, etc.) were hilarious. We were dying laughing along with everyone else. All the fans sang “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” during the 7th Inning stretch and the ax chop, typical of the Braves fans, happened several times. It was quite the sight. 

Truist Park
Truist Park

On Friday nights during home games, the team shoots off fireworks after the game. There were so many families at the game; it was a delight to see. This was truly a family-friendly activity and we immensely enjoyed the experience. It was totally different than any other MLB game I’ve attended. The fans were totally into the game and the innings seemed to fly by. My daughters said it was the best part of our whole trip. 

If you get to the stadium a little early, you can buy tokens for your kids to have some fun at the Hope & Will’s Sandlot. There is a zipline, climbing wall, batting cage, arcade game and photo opportunities. This is located at Sections 152-155 and tokens are $1 each. 

Atlanta Braves: Parking

Like anywhere in Atlanta, parking is expensive and a challenge. My best piece of advice is to stay where we did at the Atlanta North Marriott, a 10-15 minute walk from the stadium, so you don’t need to worry about parking. 

But if you need a place to park, the stadium offers multiple lots that are anywhere from right next to the stadium to a 15-minute walk away. They recommend you purchase parking ahead of time. You can do that and see the map of where the official lots are located on the ballpark website.

Prices range anywhere from $17 up to $52 + Ticketmaster fees for the various lots. There are other places you can find that are unofficial Atlanta Braves parking lots, including the hotel where we stayed. Parking was $30 at the time of this writing. Of course, always be prudent wherever you park and lock valuables out of sight or just don’t take them in your car. 

Atlanta Braves: Where to Stay 

Cobb County hosted us at the Atlanta Marriott Northwest at Galleria, a 10-15 minute walk from Truist Park, which absolutely came in handy when the game ended close to 10 pm and thousands of people exited the stadium at the same time and drove home. 

I would one thousand percent stay here again if we were going to a Braves game for that reason. While it is a beautiful and comfortable hotel, the convenience of staying at this Marriott was worth the hassle and stress of trying to find parking and driving with thousands of other people after the game. 

Atlanta Marriot
Atlanta Marriot

Use the map below to explore lodging options near Truist Park!
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Atlanta Braves: Tips 

Here are some things to know before you go: 

  • The Battery is packed before game time. If you plan to eat before the game, get there a couple hours early. There are a lot of restaurants to choose from but there are also thousands of people. 
  • Bags aren’t allowed in the stadium. The exceptions are medical bags no larger than what is required to transport necessary medical equipment, breast pumps for nursing mothers and other bags required for guests with ADA needs, diaper bags for guests accompanied by infant(s) and/or toddler(s), small, single compartment clutches no larger than 5 x 9 inches, small, single compartment clear bags no larger than 5 x 9 inches. 
  • You can bring outside food into the stadium but it must be in a gallon-sized plastic bag. A single, sealed bottle of water can also be carried inside. This is a great way to save money on food and water because it is very costly. A bottle of water inside the stadium is $5.

Ready to see the Braves in Action? 

If you’re ready to book your tickets, you can get Braves tickets online, which I recommend. Heading to a Braves game is super popular activity and depending on the game, you may not have a lot of options of where to sit due to sections being sold out. 

Tickets range widely in price but the upper levels start around $11 depending on the game. 

I’d absolutely recommend this experience for families. You don’t even need to know much about baseball to enjoy it! It’s just really exciting to see a major league team, especially one as good as the Braves, play and enjoy all the festivities and make those memories with your family. 

Atlanta Braves
755 Battery Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 
MLB website

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