The 2023 Upstate Holiday Light Show is at a New Location with Over 32 Million Lights!

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Looking for a professional Christmas Light display you can drive through? For 2023, the Upstate Holiday Light Show is at a new location and will be a spectacular display of lights throughout District Park. Check out why this light show is one of the best in the Upstate!

Our contributors were provided with tickets in order to facilitate this review.

Light tunnel at the Upstate Holiday Light Show
Upstate Holiday Light Show In 2022

Visiting the Upstate Holiday Light Show at District Park

For 2023, the Upstate Holiday Light Show has moved to a new location! Though the light show is no longer at the Greenville Pickens Speedway, the new location at District Park in Easley is sure to bring a spectacular experience that your family will love.

You’ll want to tune your radio to the correct FM station for the accompanying holiday music because the show is synchronized. The lights dance to an ongoing playlist of classic and new Christmas carols. The radio station to tune into is 106.5 FM. The song list includes lots of classics, including “Deck the Halls”, ” Carol of the Bells” and “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” included in the 15 song playlist.

Admission is based on vehicle type/capacity, not the number of passengers. So going on your own is the same as a minivan full of kids. Large passenger vans and buses are extra. Carpooling is encouraged to save on costs per person.  You can buy tickets in advance.

There are several light tunnels you get to drive through during the show, which is pretty fun.

Upstate Holiday Light Show light tunnel
One of the many light tunnels in 2022

This show is great but momentarily dims or explodes in brightness depending on the dramatics of the music. The sheer variety of colors and movement was astonishing. Resist thinking it’s not impressive if you just saw a few low lights in passing. The full brilliance of this display is only seen if watched for at least one or two songs, if not the whole playlist, which lasts about 30 minutes. You’ll want to squeeze it into your holiday plans. It was a great way for my family to kick off the season.

Other Things to Do at the Light Show

Upstate Holiday Lights Show also has a Winter Wonderland you can visit toward the end of the light show. The wonderland has small carnival rides and a petting zoo, with animals like kangaroos and donkeys, you can walk or drive through, so watch for that when you’re driving after the light show. There is also a poney corral your kids can enjoy. Tickets can be purchased ahead of time online.

Petting zoo at the Upstate Holiday Light Show in Easley, South Carolina
Petting zoo in 2020

Admission Fees to Upstate Holiday Light Show 2023

Cars, Minivans, Trucks, & SUVs – $35
Vans (up to 20 people) – $75
Buses (20+ people) – $100
FastPass – starts at $120, but varies depending on your FastPass time (Early Bird, Prime Time, or Night Owl) and vehicle type (only available Friday – Sunday). See the website site for detailed pricing.

Plan your own trip to see the show

148 Crumpton Lane
Easley, SC  29640
District Park The Upstate Holiday Light Show Website
Opens on Thanksgiving through December 31, 2023.
Hours are Sunday – Thursday 6- 10 pm and Friday – Saturday 6 – 11 pm.
Open Rain or Shine.

Has your family ever seen the Upstate Holiday Light Show?

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6 years ago

No, we have not seen this light show and wondered if you park and watch to get the full effect?

Brenda Barcroft
4 years ago

There needs to be police here to help with traffic! CRAZY!! Lights are beautiful but the LONG wait is a little much.