Hayride, Adorable Animals, Night Corn Maze, and Farm Fun Await at Famoda Farm

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October means Famoda Farm Festival at the family-owned Famoda Farm, Taylors, SC best farm for family fun! It’s their second season so we went and checked it out so you can have all the details on how to have a wonderful day with your family at the farm.

Famoda Fall Festival in Taylors, South Carolina

The address for the Famoda Farm Festival is 3 Camp Creek Road Ext, Taylors. We normally don’t start stories with the address of the place we visited but there are a few different addresses associated with this place so take note. OK, onto the fun! 

Famoda Farm is a super cute place that has adorable animals, including calves you can bottle feed, a play area, and amazing ice cream. If you follow us regularly, you know this! What you may not know is that the farm is hosting its annual fall festival from September 29th, 2023 through November 12th, 2023, which is just perfect for a day of family fun. If you and your kids love hayrides, corn mazes, old-school playgrounds and toys, cute animals, and slides, this is the place for you. 

More Than 20 Activities at the Famoda Farm Festival

I don’t have a long list when it comes to things I’m looking for where my kids and I can have fun. Firstly, I love places where my kids can get out all their energy plus have great experiences, and secondly, I really appreciate when our admission ticket covers everything that is offered and I don’t have to pay for individual experiences. This is exactly what Famoda Farm offers at the FallFest. 

Famoda Farm Pillow at the Famoda Farm Festival in Taylors, South Carolina

Actually, there’s a third thing: bring on the animals because they are adorable and make my kids and me happy. Famoda Farm has two adorable calves and goats – baby goats! Y’all know how much I love baby goats. 

Back to the farm activities. There are more than 20 things to do at Famoda Farm that are included in your admission. If your kids love running through a corn maze, they can go get lost there. Do they want to ride a hayride for an hour? Have at it! If they want to have pedal car races, wear themselves out on the jumping pillow, ride around on a caterpillar train, or slide down a tube slide 25 times, they can have at it. 

I think parents are actually going to have a hard time pulling their kids away from all the fun stuff that the farm offers. 

Adorable Animals

Because I love cute and cuddly animals, they get a whole section in this story. 

Girl petting a cow at the Famoda Farm Festival

Not only are the goats super friendly and playful, but they have names like Marshmellow and S’More. Oh, my heart. And the calves! They came right up to us and wanted to snuggle so we obliged. Heather, the owner of the farm, told us all about the calves and some cool cow facts. I won’t spoil it for you though – you have to hear them for yourself when you go. 

As if the experience could get any more aw-inducing, the farm will offer bottle-feeding opportunities three times a day on the weekends. 

Corn Maze + Night Corn Maze

The corn maze takes about 30 minutes to walk through and you get to it by taking the hayride from the main event space – remember, it’s at 3 Camp Creek Road Ext. The hayride will take you through pumpkin alley, under the bridge, and to the corn maze. The corn is really high, which makes for a fun experience. 

Do you know what also makes for a fun experience? A night corn maze! Famoda Farm doesn’t close until 9 pm so you can take a flashlight and go through the corn maze when it’s dark. Or you and your friends/school/place of employment can rent out the corn maze after hours where you can lose your co-workers or classmates. Fun!

Food at the Farm

While you’re bouncing around on the jumping pillow or chasing your kids on pedal cars, you’ll definitely work up an appetite. The farm will offer all the good stuff like funnel cakes and other sweet goodies, but also have vendors that sell delicious BBQ, hamburgers, and hot dogs. 

Giant rolling tubes at Famoda Farms

Farm Hours + Admission 

Admission is $12 per person and it includes all the farm activities. The only thing extra you will pay for is if you choose to purchase food. 

The hours at Famoda Farm Festival are:

  • Thursday from 4 – 9 pm
  • Friday from 4 – 9 pm
  • Saturday from Noon – 9 pm
  • Sunday from 2 – 9 pm. 

The festival will be open until 9, but it does get dark. If you want to stay until closing, we recommend bringing a flashlight. Look for special Halloween events as the date gets closer.  Their last day is November 12th, 2023.

The farm also has a venue event space and farm store that sells all local goods, cheeses, meats, and wares. Those places are nearby but do not have the same address as the farm event space that you’re looking for after you read this story. So be sure to go to 3 Camp Creek Road Ext, Taylors. 

Famoda Farm: Taylors, SC
3 Camp Creek Rd Ext., Taylors
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