Adventure Brews Play Haven: New Upstate Indoor/Outdoor Play Space for Kids

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Adventure Brews Play Haven, a new indoor/outdoor play space for kids and their families is coming to the Greenville, SC area in 2025. We’ve got all the details for you!

Inspired by nature and the need for families of different dynamics to be able to connect with others, Adventure Brews Play Haven was born. The new play space will open in the Greer/Taylors area of Greenville County with both indoor and outdoor facilities and will be a welcome addition for families to bring their kids and feel welcomed and happy!

Adventure Brews Play Haven
Adventure Brews Play Haven

Inspiration Behind Adventure Brews Play Haven 

Katie Winn Sarbacker and her husband had a very long and difficult journey to parenthood. After their son was born, they loved getting out in nature and found that the outdoors really helped bond them as a family and aid in their son’s development. 

“The journey to becoming a family for us was long and difficult. Years of infertility, including a miscarriage and ultimately a very long NICU stay, showed us the lack of support for different family dynamics,” said Katie. “As aunts and uncles with children in our lives we care deeply for, we found it difficult to find a space to bring my nieces and nephews where I felt ‘part of the club.’”

Kate found that many communities are more “mom-centric” and she and her husband felt left out before having their son since they spent a significant amount of time with nieces and nephews. Finding a community that focused on nature was also a challenge.

“After the birth of our son three months early we found nature to be very healing and supportive of his growth and development post NICU stay,” she said. “Finding a local community of other parents who were also focused on a connection with nature took significant effort with a lot of difficulty.”

She wants Adventure Brews Play Haven to be welcoming of all kinds of families and caregivers and use nature to further connection with each other and others.  

About Adventure Brews Play Haven: The Indoor Space & Outdoor Spaces

Adventure Brews Play Haven will focus on a space that is inspired by nature and intimate enough where caregivers won’t lose track of their kids but where they can connect with each other as well. 

The indoor space will have a playground and cafe and be geared towards children ages 0-5. There will be a nature-themed play area designed by Tiger Play for these children to wander and explore. The space will also incorporate imagination stations but Katie and her husband want them to be entertaining without tons of small toys strewn everywhere so they are considering options on how to best make that dream a reality. 

Babies will get their own state-of-the-art soft play space. The plan for this area is to give babies a nature-inspired space where they can explore and exercise their little bodies and minds. 

The outdoor space will be used for classes, events, and special play times. There will be immersive nature classes, gardening, and special “messy play” sensory events. Katie said she wants to focus on homeschool classes as well where older kids can enjoy the time during an outdoor class and the smaller kids can have somewhere to play indoors. 

“Our mission is to provide a stimulating and safe environment where kids can explore, learn, and grow through outdoor-themed play and educational activities while caregivers can relax and enjoy themselves,” Katie said. 

Adventure Brews Play Haven will host birthday parties and special events. 

In line with their philosophy about taking care of both caregivers and kids, the play haven will have on hand spare hygiene items, nursing items, diapers, wipes, clothing, and breastfeeding supplies. 

Additionally, they plan on having a full-body changing table in the bathrooms for special needs families.

About Adventure Brews Play Haven: The Cafe

Why a cafe inside a play area for kids? The better question is why not a cafe inside a play area, right? 

“I like food and drinks,” said Katie. “It’s just really nice to enjoy some kind of beverage and food that I didn’t have to make myself while my son is doing something he enjoys. I want caregivers to feel like they are taken care of as well and that their needs are met.” 

Coffee, snacks, and other food will be locally sourced as much as possible.

Adventure Brews Play Haven Memberships & Play Passes

The new play space will offer day passes, recurring memberships, multi-passes, class pass upgrades, and premium events like character events with a membership upgrade. 

While prices have not been determined yet, Katie says that passes will be comparable to other local kid-focused play cafes.  

About Adventure Brews Play Haven: Pop-Up Events 

Adventure Brews Play Haven will focus heavily on relationships within the local community. They already have partnerships with yoga instructors and local farmers’ markets and are looking for others to work with for classes and events. 

For their pop-up events, think kids yoga classes, STEM-based classes, arts and crafts, and messy play. Sign up for their email list so you don’t miss anything. 

Once Adventure Brews Play Haven opens, they are planning to continue pop-up events as well as host other special play times, including:

  • STEM-based classes
  • Kid yoga classes
  • Arts and craft classes
  • Storytimes
  • Sensory-friendly hours
  • Toddler hours
  • Messy play hours
  • Character events
  • Homeschool class series

Visiting Adventure Brews Play Haven 

Adventure Brews Play Haven is not open yet. They are planning to open hopefully in early 2025. But until then, the best way to stay updated is to join their email subscriber list and follow them on Facebook. 

They are going to start having pop up events over the summer so you can meet the owners and get a feel for what the new place will be like. We are going to try to make sure we have them on our calendar but in case we miss something, the emails from Adventure Brews Play Haven will be your best bet on current news. 

Of course, we will update this story as the space evolves and construction begins and make an announcement when it opens. 

Adventure Brews Play Haven
Adventure Brews Play Haven Website | Adventure Brews Play Haven Facebook

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