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Greenville Christmas Market

Shop the Greenville Christmas Market at the Grand Bohemian Lodge

Have you visited the Greenville Christmas Market at the Grand Bohemian Lodge? Beautifully decorated with a splendorous merging of southern Christmas charm with a micro version of a traditional European Christmas markets, this open-air market is certain to spark holiday joy in even the Grinchiest of us. The market hosts dozens of local vendors, live music, serves holiday-themed food and beverages, and even offers the opportunity for your little one to visit with Santa to give him that very special list. You can explore the market from November until January 2023.

Fire Truck Santa going to 73+ Neighborhoods in the Upstate, SC

Did you know that Greenville’s fire departments have an honorary team member who lives in the North Pole? It’s true, Santa is visiting Greenville and Duncan this week by firetruck! He’s really busy this time of year, so the most efficient way to get a last peek at all of the good boys and girls of the Upstate is to hitch a ride with first responders and zip through neighborhoods. Reindeer magic only works at night, in case you were wondering.

Sign for Greer Soup Kitchen

Over 10 Ways to Volunteer with Your Kids

Looking for ways to volunteer with your kids in Greenville? It such a wonderful opportunity to teach children kindness, compassion, generosity and so much more. To help you out KAG Contributor Kristina Hernandez created this list of ways to volunteer with your family. You’ll find ideas from food preparation to toy donations and meal deliveries. Thank you for serving your community!

volunteering opportunities with kids in Greenville

Volunteer Service Hour Ideas for Teens and Families

Looking for service hours for teens? So you have a child in high school and it’s time to start thinking about volunteer hours. While most public schools do not require volunteer hours, most private and charter schools do have a quarterly requirement. Whether your child attends public school, private school, or is homeschooled, volunteering looks very good on college and job applications, demonstrating a well-rounded and outward-looking individual. Ultimately though, we volunteer because there are people who need us, and it’s a wonderful way to give back when we have been given so much.

This Upstate Holiday Light Show Has 2 Million+ Lights

Looking for a professional Christmas Light display you can drive through? KAG Contributors Lindy Wilson & Kristina Hernandez visited The Upstate Holiday Light Show and have all the information you need, from pricing to the extras you’ll find and what to expect.

Reader Favorite Hot Chocolate in Greenville, SC

Looking for an amazing mug full of hot chocolate in Greenville, SC? Hot chocolate can be incredible – warm, chocolatey goodness and if you’re lucky, with a hefty helping of tiny marshmallows. Our Kidding Around Greenville readers recently revealed where their favorite places to find hot chocolate in Greenville.

Holiday table in Upstate, SC

Your Holiday Table: Here’s Where You Can Find Delicious Food for the Holidays Near Greenville, SC

Are you looking for something delicious and festive to add to your holiday table this Christmas? In Greenville and Upstate, SC we have lots and lots of holiday food menus, sides, and treats from Greenville’s amazing food proprietors. Local restaurants are serving up special dine-in holiday meals, as well as fabulous catered meal deals you can bring home for the holidays. Local bakeries are offering everything from freshly baked pies to cookie and cupcake kits you can bring home for a fun family activity. Local cafes and grocery stores are offering pre-made sides and desserts making your holiday preparations a little easier. Want something a little different? Try a festive charcuterie board or dig into the Mexican tradition of Christmas tamales. We know where you can find all this and more in Greenville!