Where is the Cheapest Gas in Greenville, SC?

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Are you searching out the cheapest places to buy gas in Greenville? With the soaring gas prices that are affecting all our budgets, we decided it was time to ask our readers where they were buying the cheapest gas across the Upstate. Based on their findings we’ve compiled a small list of cheaper gas stations near Greenville, SC as reported by our readers. While we cannot provide real-time gas prices at local gas stations, there is an app for that, and we have information for you on that as well.

Cheaper gas stations in Greenville, SC

This article includes:
Cheaper Gas Stations in Greenville, SC
Gas Buddy App: Review and How to Use it
Tips to Save Money at the Pump

Cheapest Gas Stations in Greenvile, SC

Get Cheaper Gas at Costco

The majority of readers who answered our cheaper gas question told us Costco was the way to go. They seem to be consistently cheaper than other gas stations in Greenville. So, if you have a Costco membership, consider filling up at Costco.

Cheaper Gas at Hot Spot in Greer, SC

One reader reported that the Hot Spot in Greer, SC has gas cheaper than surrounding gas stations. At the time she paid about 16 cents less per gallon than other gas stations in the immediate area.

Check the Gas Prices at Sam’s Club

Other readers suggested trying Sam’s Club for cheaper gas. It seems the wholesale club stores are a good option for lower-priced gas.

Let us know in the comments where you are finding the cheapest gas in Greenville!

Want Real-Time Gas Price Information? Gas Buddy App

Readers told us to download the Gas Buddy App. The app promises real-time gas price information to help you fill up your tank for the cheapest possible price in your location. We downloaded the app to try it out.

The first thing to know about the Gas Buddy App is that it is also a rewards program. You can sign up for their card and use it at certain stations for a discount. Stations providing the discount are noted in the app. In testing out the app, we did not apply for this card as it requires users to enter checking account information directly into the app. If this is something you are comfortable with, it might be a way to save an extra few cents per gallon.

If you choose not to sign up for the Gas Buddy App, just click out of the few pop-ups prompting you to do so. Either enter your location or allow the app to access your location. You’ll then be given a list of the gas stations closest to you with the prices. These prices are reported by Gas Buddy App users. So, if you visit a station and the price has changed, click on the station in the app and report the change.

Gas Buddy App screen image
Gass Buddy App Screenshot

How to Use the Gas Buddy App to Actually Save Money

Overall the Gas Buddy App is really easy to use to access local gas station pricing information. While the user-reported prices may not be completely accurate, especially during times of shortages or abrupt pricing changes, it still provides a good look at the cheapest stations in your specific area.

Remember driving distance to the station matters. So, should you bypass your closest gas station and travel an additional 20 miles to get gas that’s listed as 2 cents cheaper per gallon? Probably not. Don’t travel out far our of your way for slightly cheaper gas, But do consider routes you need to travel regularly and where you might stop to fill up along the way.

Growing up in Upstate, NY my dad had a saying, “It costs just as much to fill up the bottom half of your tank as it does the top half.” Meaning, don’t wait until the tank is almost empty to fill up. His advice was pertinent in the snowy Syracuse weather, where you might find yourself stuck in your car. But, it works here, too. If you plan to fill up when you get to half a tank, you’ll buy yourself a little more driving time where you can potentially swing into the cheapest station on your route.

Driving and Maintenance Tips to Save Gas

The driving tips and simple maintenance tips we have here in How to Save Gas will also help cut down your gas bill. Many of the ideas are totally free. For example, did you know just maintaining proper air pressure in your tires can increase your fuel economy by 3%?

Save gas, vacation close to home this year! Here are some places within 90 minutes of the Upstate that make a great vacation. Vacation without the road trip!

Vacation Near the Upstate

Where are you buying cheaper gas in Greenville, SC? Let us know in the comments.

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