EXCLUSIVE: Second Upstate Crumbl Cookies Location Opening Nov. 5

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The second Crumbl Cookies location is opening this week near Greenville, SC. The sensationally delicious and big-as-your-hand cookies will be even more accessible to you for you to bribe your kids with or indulge in some well-deserved desserts. Find Crumbl Cookies in Simpsonville, SC off Fairview Road starting November 5th.

The first Crumbl Cookies shop opened on Woodruff Road, across from Trader Joe’s, in September of 2020. It was an immediate hit. And then got even bigger when the company went viral on TikTok for their enormous cookies and fantastic flavors. Owners Paul and Robyn Gallucci could barely keep up with demand and decided to move forward with opening a second location, this time in Simpsonville off Fairview Road right across from Target.

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Crumbl Cookie

Crumbl Cookies are hot

Crumbl Cookies only opened up as a company three years ago and have since become the fastest growing cookie company in the entire country. They now have about 264 bakeries in 36 states.

And no wonder, right? Their soft-baked sugar, chocolate chip, and oatmeal raisin cookies are amazing. I couldn’t even finish one the first time I tried it because they are huge. They are between 4″ and 4/5″ in diameter and flavors change out weekly.

Crumbl Cookies in Greenville, SC

Paul and Robyn Gallucci, who live in Simpsonville with their two young kids, opened the first Crumbl Cookies location in Greenville back in September of 2020. After looking at several opportunities for franchises, they found their niche with Crumbl Cookies. They loved the company itself and of course, the product is amazing.

Crumbl Cookie dough

I think my kids were wishing that their mom would be cool enough to own a Crumbl Cookies location as I was talking with Paul and Robyn. Alas, their dreams will not come true. They’ll just have to stuff their faces with the delicious cookies instead on a semi-regular basis, which I’m sure most kids would be okay with. After all, these massive cookies make for pretty serious bribery tools for us parents.

The Woodruff Road location of Crumbl Cookies quickly became the 10th most popular location in the entire country. We Greenvillians love our cookies, eh?

Paul and Robyn determined a second location in the Upstate would be even better than one location and set about finding the ideal spot.

Simpsonville, SC is getting the second location of Crumbl Cookies

They found the perfect spot next to Tipsy Taco and across from Target on Fairview Road in Simpsonville. There’s plenty of parking and easy access to the highway nearby.

The staff is trained, the contractors are nearly done, the walls are painted a pretty pink, and the cookies are baking. The grand opening is on Friday, November 5th at 8 am at 702 Fairview Road in Simpsonville.

Inside of Crumbl Cookies Simpsonville

We got a sneak peek at the cookie-making process and it took all my willpower not to ask for an entire ice cream scoop helping of the cookie dough. All cookies are measured precisely with the scooper and a kitchen scale to make sure they are all the same. We did try one of the sugar cookies and it was heavenly. Robyn and Paul were tempting me with a description of the chilled Key Lime Pie cookie. I’ll need to come back for that.

And if you need delivery of Crumbl Cookies, they send their cookies through Door Dash within a 10-mile radius. They also have gift cards and would make an amazing Christmas gift for pretty much anyone. The Simpsonville location will be open 8 am – 10 pm Monday through Thursday and 8 am – Midnight on Friday and Saturday. They are closed Sundays.

Crumbl Cookies
702 Fairview Road, Simpsonville
1118-B, Woodruff Road, Greenville

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