Free Trees in Greenville, SC

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Did you know you can get free trees to plant in Greenville, SC? Is your yard lacking trees? Or is your energy bill a little higher than you’d like? Did you know that by planting trees, you can help reduce energy costs while improving air and water quality AND reducing air pollution? You can reduce energy consumption by up to 20% per year just by planting the right tree in the right place. And sometimes, purchasing trees may be a little out of your budget.

Learn how you can get your hands on a free tree for your yard!

Free Trees in Greenville, SC


TreesUpstate Energy Saving Trees program, presented by Duke Energy, is gave away a whopping 3,000 free trees across 9+ locations from January-May 2023.

The goal of the program is to “emphasize conserving energy and reducing energy bills by strategically planting trees around your home”. You can reserve a tree online, or you can pick one up at one of the events (first-come, first-served). Some of the species that are available (while supplies last) include redbud, red maple, pawpaw, persimmon, Eastern red collar, tulip poplar, blackgum, swamp white oak, overcup oak, swamp chestnut oak, and baldcypress.

For more information and to make an online reservation, head to Free Trees by TreeUpstate.

Spring 2023 Tree giveaway pick-up schedule for trees

Saturday, February 11th, 9 am – 11 am
Dorman High School Stadium
1050 Cavalier Way, Roebuck

Friday, March 10, 2023, 12 pm – 2 pm
Trailblazer Park
235 Trailblazer Drive, Travelers Rest

Friday, March 24, 2023, 4 pm – 6 pm
Anderson County Farmers Market
402 North Murray Avenue, Anderson

April 1, 2023, 9 am – 11 am
Simpsonville Public Works
110 Woodside Park Drive, Simpsonville

Saturday, April 8, 9 am – 11 am
Tyger River Park
179 Dillard Road, Duncan

Saturday, April 22, 9 am – 11 am
Flying Rabbit Adventures
821 Laurens Road, Greenville

Saturday, April 29, 9 am – 11 am
Downtown Inman
7 Bishop Street, Inman

Saturday, May 6, 9 am – 11 am
Duke World of Energy
7812 Rochester Highway, Seneca

BMW Charity Pro-Am: Free Trees

Seeking to make their event carbon-neutral, the BWM Charity Pro-Am gave away trees in partnership with TreesUpstate at their September 2022 event. Households received up to 2 free trees. Stay tuned to see if they will do it again in 2023.

BMW Charity Pro-Am Free Trees

Tell us—do you plan on picking up a free tree for yourself?

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