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Escape Rooms in Greenville

Escape rooms in Greenville, SC are a thrilling way to team build or spend time with your relatives and family. These escape rooms have several themes to choose from, with some even appropriate for kids to enjoy. Do you think you can beat the clock at one of these Greenville area escape rooms?

Trapped in the Upstate: Escape Rooms near Greenville, South Carolina.

Find the best escape rooms near Greenville, SC, including escape rooms throughout the Upstate, to see if your group can escape before time runs out!

Escape Artist

TITLE SPONSOR (864) 509-9305 | 209 East Stone Avenue, Greenville, SC

escape artist

Thrilling one-hour adventures that will challenge and entertain your family!  Have you always wanted to solve a mystery or live out an adventure just like in your favorite movie?  Our immersive escape games allow you and your team to do just that!  To “escape” before time runs out, you’ll need to solve puzzles, crack codes, find hidden items and more.  These experiences are designed for groups of 4-8 so they’re perfect for small groups of friends and families who are looking for a fun activity in downtown Greenville away from the crowds.

Is your family overdue for an adventure?  Bring your entire family and see how well you can work together to solve the mysteries of the room!  While portions of our challenges do require adult minds, you’ll be amazed at what your kids will solve and how excited and engaged they’ll be.

Prefer to have a night out with only your adult friends?  Leave the kids at home and book a private adventure with us.  You’ll have a blast laughing together as you solve your way through our interactive challenges.

Now with two locations in Greenville!  Adventures run Thursday-Monday, and you can check availability at Escape Artist.

Trapped in the Upstate

SPONSORED 864.416.1539‬ | 556D Memorial Drive Ext., Greer, SC


Trapped in the Upstate Escape Rooms offers an immersive blend of entertainment and challenge, with two prime locations in Greer and Spartanburg. Our escape rooms are intricately themed to create an experience of intrigue and excitement, perfect for adventure seekers and puzzle enthusiasts. With a diverse range of 8 unique games, we cater to all ages and skill levels.

Solve a murder mystery with your date, or Save Santa with the family! Maybe you’ve always daydreamed about a prison breakout, or looking for gold in the wild wild west? Our asylum game will have you tied up in straightjackets and going undercover into a 1950’s asylum! We truly have something for everyone. We also offer birthday party and team-building packages in our private party room.

All games are private, ensuring an exclusive experience for you and your group. Plus, the design of our rooms ensures that you’re never physically locked in, prioritizing your comfort and safety while maintaining the thrill of the game.

Remember, all games at Trapped in the Upstate require a reservation, easily made through our website. Step into a world of mystery and adventure where each game promises a new, exciting experience!

Servus VR Bar

864.509.1077 | 928 South Main Street, Greenville, SC

Virtual Reality video game arcade that offers multiple gameplay options, including a VR arena, Raceroom, VR escape rooms, arvi VR full-immersion games, and more.
The venue also has snack food items for purchase.