Kindermusik: Music Classes for All Ages

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Whether it’s choosing to spend some quality time with a younger child while the older sibling is now in school, or it’s the desire to give a child a musical background, or it’s simply a matter of expanding horizons, enrolling in Kindermusik is a great way to fulfill any or all of those needs for young children.

What is Kindermusik?

Piano Central Studios in Greenville features an award-winning Kindermusik program, a curriculum for young child recognized in over 70 countries as a program that not only teaches the fundamentals of music, but also enhances child development in a warm and nurturing class setting.

By laying a strong foundation in musical education from newborn to 7 years, Kindermusik sets the stage for not only successful development of musical skills but also successful development of life skills. The emotional and social benefits of music are well-documented: music promotes fine motor skills, early math skills, literacy, and a favorite of parents everywhere – following directions. Many speech therapists frequently refer students to Kindermusik because of the way that music enhances in language development.

Through the age-appropriate Kindermusik classes, licensed, caring Kindermusik educators tap into the natural ways that music helps a child grow in creativity and early learning skills.

To help kids and parents continue their musical education and fun outside of the classroom, every Kindermusik enrollment includes home materials so parents can have inspiration and tools to continue to play with and engage their children in a way that fosters an even stronger love of music and parent-child bond.

Fall class Kindermusik

New Fall Kindermusik Classes

Our kids grow so fast that it’s important to take the time to bond and make memories with them. It’s always a balancing act as parents, right? Between work, family, school, and household obligations, finding quality time with our kids can be challenging. But with Kindermusik classes, parents can focus on spending quality time one-on-one with their child with no distractions. Bonds formed now can help deepen parent-child relationships later.

Piano Central Studios is rolling out their new Fall schedule for babies all the way up to 7-year-olds. With lots of great options for both stay-at-home and working parents at studios conveniently located on Pleasantburg Drive and Woodruff Rd, Piano Central Studios makes it as easy as possible to enjoy the classes.

Fall classes begin the week of September 12, but you can enroll at any time… and also pause whenever you need to. Classes start at $64 a month and include Home Materials. Additionally, as long as you are enrolled, you can always attend makeup classes, enjoy free PlayDates, and even receive a significant discount on your Kindermusik Birthday Party.

Birthday Parties at Kindermusik

Offering no shortage of unique musical birthday parties, Piano Central Studios has a wonderful Kindermusik package for kids to provide entertainment for children and adults alike and take the stress off parents of planning and executing the perfect party.

Kindermusik experts provides the first hour of musical fun, encourages the party-goers to play with the instruments, engage in sing-a-longs and dances and enjoy story time. Time is allowed for the birthday child to open up gifts if desired and for everyone to enjoy refreshments. Party packages can be customized according to individual needs.

Kindermusik referral program

Tell-A-Friend September Rewards

Is your child already a Kindermusik aficionado? Great! Tell a friend about your great experience and if they join Kindermusik, then you both get $15 off. Just be sure your friend gives you props for referring him/her when they register.

Have a lot of friends? There is no limit to how much you can earn when you refer your friends and their kids to Kindermusik. This new promotion runs through September so get referring!

Fall in Love with Kindermusik Give-Away!

One lucky winner will receive one free month of Kindermusik classes at PCS. Entry deadline is August 31, 2016 so go HERE to enter!

Learning More

Piano Central Studios

Have your kids experienced Kindermusik at Piano Central Studios?

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