Moms! Prioritize Self-care with the YMCA of Greenville

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As moms, we don’t always prioritize taking care of ourselves when we are busy with family, our jobs and everything else in between. Make your health and wellbeing a priority by incorporating the YMCA of Greenville into your weekly routine. It’s a proven fact that regular physical activity is one of the best ways to reduce the negative effects stress has on your body and mental wellbeing and guard your body against viruses and chronic diseases. Since being a parent is a wonderful, yet challenging job, it’s best for everyone if Mom is as strong and healthy as possible. We can’t take good care of others if we run out of steam or get sick, so do this for yourself – and for your family.

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moms prioritize self-care with the ymca

The Y has myriad options available for busy parents. Here are five ways the YMCA of Greenville can help moms stay healthy.

(1) Group Exercise Classes – There’s no need to go to one of those expensive specialty or box workout places. Need to get your Zen on? We’ve got classes for that. Need to work out your frustrations? We’ve got classes for that, too. The Y has everything you need – from cycling, yoga, barre, and HIIT classes to water aerobics, boot camp and kick boxing. And, Child Watch is available* while you work out – all for the price of your monthly household membership.

(2) Personal Training – Many of us could benefit from an accountability partner, to encourage us, and push us harder than if we work out alone. Personal training at the Y is a great solution. The Y’s nationally certified Y personal trainers can customize your workout plans based on where you are in your health journey, what goals you want to achieve and will keep you motivated to reach them. Personal training packages come in many forms, including 1-on-1, duo, and small group sessions. It’s possible to even have virtual training sessions if you want to stay on course while on vacation or if you aren’t ready to come back into a fitness facility yet.

(3) Virtual Wellness Classes, Goal Tracking and More – The Y’s new mobile app includes workouts you can do from home or at the Y with the ability to set goals and track your progress. If you are coming to the Y, you can schedule personal training sessions, snag a spot for yourself in a group exercise class and a spot for your kids in Child Watch while you work out, view exercise tutorials to learn the best way to do wall balls, split squats or deadlifts, track your biometrics, set goals and more – all from your mobile phone. It really couldn’t be easier when everything you need is in the palm of your hands.

(4) Nutritional Counseling – Fueling your body with the right types of foods is just as important as a well-developed workout plan. The Y’s in-house registered dietician at Caine Halter Family YMCA can help you and your family put together meal plans for healthier eating habits and can even customize plans to help manage chronic diseases or illnesses. There are multiple packages to choose from, which makes this option a perfect fit for seasoned foodies and nutritional newbies alike!

(5) Financial Assistance and Discounts – One of the greatest things about the Y is that it is a cause-driven non-profit with a mission to help build a better spirit, mind and body for all. Those last two words are important. The Y offers financial assistance so that anyone who wants to join the Y can, regardless of their ability to pay. As a household member, you also get discounts on programs for your kids like swim lessons, youth sports and more. What parent doesn’t need a little more wiggle room in their budget?

So now you know five of the ways the Y can help you be a stronger, healthier and less stressed mom. What gift could be better than that? Give yourself, or a deserving mom in your life, the gift of health with a membership to the YMCA of Greenville.

*Check your branch’s Child Watch schedule for availability.

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