Ohana’s: Shaved Ice With Beachy Vibe in Duncan, SC

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Have you tried the shaved ice at Ohana’s in Duncan? We visited and loved the beachy decor, fun outdoor setting, and of course, the ice was delicious. The kids enjoyed picking some candy toppings for their icees to compliment their syrup flavor choice, creating their own custom dessert. This is one spot we’ll be back to visit again.

Hawaiian Shaved Ice at Ohana's in Duncan, SC

Sometimes, when life gets busy, it’s best to make a little time for something simply enjoyable with the people you love. That’s how we found our way to Ohana’s one afternoon. My husband had been out of town for work all week, the kids were grumping at each other, and had definitely a bit too much Minecraft for the day, so I decided it was time to try that cute shaved ice spot we’d been driving by. Their beachy set-up looked so fun, and, we needed a little break.

Order at Ohana's, Duncan SC

Order Your Shaved Ice: Ohana’s in Duncan

We probably don’t need to explain this part to you. The menu board beside the window has your flavor options and topping choices. But, do take a look at the specials posted on the window, though. You’ll find unique creations like a blueberry donut icee, strawberry cake flavor, or even a coffee-flavored shaved ice. If none of those are quite what you’re looking for, go ahead and pick your flavors and toppings.

My kids chose:

  • Blue raspberry with gummy worms
  • Blue bubblegum with sour gummy worms
  • Bubblegum with caramel sauce
Icee at Ohana's

Are these combinations that sound appetizing to me, as an adult? Nope, nope, nope. I picked the boring pina colada with no toppings. And I walked away without a brightly colored blue tongue. A fact, which I was very happy about. I, however, am not a kid. And the whole point of this small excursion was simple fun, and apparently, when you’re 10, a blue tongue is just that. So, they had at it with their choices and I wasn’t going to stop them.

Outdoor seating at Ohana's Duncan, SC

Ohana’s Beachy Atmosphere

Ok, you’ve ordered your icee. You get to sit back and relax at the pretty teal picnic tables with bright umbrellas, or kick back in an Adirondack chair and wait for the delicious magic to happen inside that colorful little building. But wait, what’s this? Your shaved ice creations are being delivered to you on a wooden surfboard-shaped platter? How cool is that? Beach theme through and through.

Ohana's Ice on a surfboard

Take your time, enjoy your ice, and maybe play some ladder toss, climb up in the big chair for a photo, or make some chalk art on the sidewalk. The Hawaiian music is playing, and getting back to the real world will come soon enough.

128 West Main Street, Duncan
Open 12 pm to 9 pm daily

Bonus, Your Summer Day in Duncan, SC: Shipwreck Cove, the popular waterpark at Stoneledge Park, is just a minute or two from Ohana’s. Both are super popular with our readers, and Ohana’s will make a nice treat after an afternoon at the park!

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