Piano Central Studios: The Benefits of Lifelong Music Making

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The budding young musician in your family is sure to fall in love with music at Piano Central Studios in Greenville, SC. For over 40 years, Piano Central Studios has been teaching music to students of all ages in the Upstate, working to instill a lifelong love and understanding of music into their students’ hearts and minds. In fact, it’s their stated mission to nourish hearts and minds with music-making for life!

Thank you to our sponsor Theresa Case, Owner at Piano Central Studios, for writing this article alongside us!

Piano Central Studios takes a fun and engaging approach to music-making. With classes and lessons for all ages, from babies to school-aged and even adults, it’s never too late in life to learn to sing or play an instrument. Plus, there are many positive benefits to taking music lessons. Learn more about Piano Central Studios and how owner Theresa Case’s vision is fostering a love of music-making for life.

Introducing Young Children to the Joy of Music: Kindermusik for Babies to Big Kids

Shake, jingle, and rattle! Young babies and children love making music.  In fact, music-making comes very naturally and easily to them. They instinctively respond to music, making sounds and dancing around.  The way they light up when they engage in music-making is magical. 

That’s why Piano Central Studios offers Kindermusik classes for young children.  Kindermusik is an interactive music and movement program for children ages newborn to age 7 which leans into this precious, innate love of music and makes it come alive for both kids and their grown-ups. 

Kindermusik is a delightfully playful way for kids to make music while exploring various instruments and learning to use their voices. During class, you and your child will sing songs, dance, rhyme, and play instruments, all while you grow closer together through the bond of a happy, shared musical experience. 

As they make music with others, these young musicians are also benefiting from a joyful, stimulating environment enriched with a variety of creative multi-sensory music activities. Plus, everything your child learns at Kindermusik can be applied and enjoyed at home throughout the week! 

What to Expect at Kindermusik

This rich musical introduction in the early years expands as children move up through the levels of Kindermusik, until in the last levels of the program, they are actually reading and composing music, along with learning to play the glockenspiel (pre-piano), the ukulele, the dulcimer, and the recorder.

Kindermusik classes are divided into age-specific, developmentally appropriate levels, from Level 1 to Kindermusik Musicians Years 1 and 2.  These classes are low-pressure and intentionally designed to spark your child’s interest in music while giving the foundational understanding and immersive experience needed to successfully transition to music lessons and instrument mastery. 

Cognitive and Social Benefits of Kindermusik

Not only will your child love it, but music holds such an important place in your child’s development. Music has been shown to enhance cognitive development, which is critical in the years before age 5. This age range is when 90% of brain development occurs! 

There are also wonderful social-emotional benefits that come along with making music with peers and parents. Your young children will make new friends as they bang on drums and shake tambourines, all while building a strong bond with you! 

So, if you want to instill a deep, lifelong love of music in your young child, then the Kindermusik program at Piano Central Studios is the perfect place to start.

Something They’ll Look Forward To: Music Lessons for Ages 6+

Group or Private Music Lessons for Kids

Piano Central Studios offers a wide range of options in music instruction, including lessons in piano, voice, band instruments, string instruments, guitar, and ukulele. Group lessons are available for beginners ages 6 to 9, or there is the option of private lessons for ages 6 and up. 

You’ll find convenient locations and a variety of scheduling options for music lessons at PCS.  Add to that great teachers, a motivating reward program, awards to earn in the Practice Space app, recitals, Performance Parties, and more, and you’ve got the kind of winning combination at PCS that’s sure to keep your child loving their lessons for years to come.

The Importance of Music for Self-Expression

As your children get older, they need a creative outlet that allows them to be creative and to express themselves. What better way than through music? Music is a unique and fulfilling outlet for self-expression, being able to sing or play an instrument is truly a gift you can give your child. 

In their music lessons at PCS, your child will develop a skill that is all their own, something special to them that will help mold the image of their “self”. They will then be able to share this piece of themselves with their peers through recitals, their school band or orchestra, and choir, if they choose. Best of all, the music skills and life skills they learn during their lessons will be something they carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Benefits of Music Lessons for Kids

There’s nothing more heart-warming than watching your child thrive and their confidence blossom as they make progress each week, grow in their ability to sing or play their instrument, or shine on stage at their recital.

In their music lessons, your child will develop self-discipline and time management skills that extend to other areas of their life, including academics and extracurricular activities.  Music lessons are also a kind of therapeutic outlet, giving your child a means to express themselves in ways words cannot.

And since mastering the skill of singing or playing an instrument takes time and perseverance, your child will also learn the value of patience and resilience, developing a positive growth mindset along the way.  The skills your child learns and the memories they make will become a cherished part of who they are and who they can become.

Never Stop Loving Music: Music Lessons for Adults

It’s never too early or too late to fall in love with music – for the first time or all over again.  You don’t have to live with the regret of quitting lessons when you were younger or always wishing you had learned to sing or play an instrument.  

And if you’re worried about how you’ll feel as an adult student, be assured that the teachers at PCS are as good with their adult students as they are with their younger students.  They’ll help you progress at your own pace, learning the music that will give the most joy and fulfillment and helping you achieve your musical goals.

As you venture into the world of scales and melodies as an adult student, you’ll find a sense of rejuvenation that only music can provide. Your music lessons become a journey of self-discovery, an exploration of your own capacities, and a reminder that growth knows no age. 

Benefits of Music Making for Adults

Not only is music an excellent hobby, but singing or playing an instrument also keeps your mind sharp, reduces stress, and enhances productivity.  As we age, we naturally tend to see a decline in cognition and variations in cortisol, but science tells us that a hobby like music can keep us healthy, happy, and sharp. 

In addition, singing or playing an instrument is a great way to unwind, relieve stress, and enjoy a creative outlet you might not have in other areas of your life or work.  If your child is in Kindermusik or taking music lessons themselves, you now have a different way to empathize, encourage, and bond with them over music.  

PCS loves helping adult students reclaim their love for music by taking music lessons and enjoying a life-changing hobby like singing or playing an instrument.

Music Right Now is Music For Life

Music for now and music for life.  This is the “why” behind all that Piano Central Studios does and hopes to accomplish for all of its students – from the babies in Kindermusik classes to their adult students in their 80’s to every age in between. 

So, whether you’re a parent who wants to kindle your child’s love of music or an adult ready to take music lessons yourself, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Piano Central Studios. The skills acquired, the memories made, and the love for music cultivated all come together to make your music lessons at PCS everything you hoped they would be and mean for you or your child.

Music lessons should be so much more than something to pass the time or check off the list.  At PCS, you’ll find that music becomes a lifelong gift that keeps giving the greatest of joy! 

Registration for Kindermusik classes or music lessons is available on the Piano Central Studios music lesson registration page.  You can get started anytime – even partway through the month!

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