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We stayed at the new stayAPT Suites in North Charleston, SC and loved the spacious rooms with full kitchens. This hotel is ideal for families during trips and longer-term stays!

Thanks to stayAPT Suites for inviting us to their North Charleston location so we could provide this review.

You know that feeling of walking into a hotel room and just enjoying the immense space you’ve got there? Me neither. One of the things that makes stayAPT Suites stand out are the huge rooms, which are basically like an apartment. I walked in and I literally felt like I walked into an apartment. One of my kids actually said that word. 

When I travel with my family, I almost always stay somewhere that has a kitchen because let’s be honest, eating out for every meal gets pricey really fast. StayAPT really hits the mark on the kitchen, the spacious bathroom, and the huge bedroom. I was just floored at all the space. This is a big reason why I think families especially will love stayAPT – that and the affordable prices. 

stayAPT room
stayAPT room

About stayAPT Suites

StayAPT Suites are all 500+ square feet with distinct living space, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. The company wants their guests to feel at home, to be comfortable, and to enjoy the time spent there. They don’t want them to feel like they have to sacrifice the comforts of home when they travel for work, vacation, or even relocation. 

StayAPT Suites are mostly centered in the Southeast and Midwest but are working on a few locations out West. They are growing fast and their location map can help you find the one closest to your destination for travel. If you’ve got family coming to Greenville who need a place to stay, they have two locations in our area: one in Greenville and the other in Greer. 

We stayed at the stayAPT Suites in North Charleston for our adventure, which was the perfect area for exploring and relaxation. 

stayAPT Amenities

Every stayAPT Suites has a courtyard, a fitness room, and an on-site laundry room. The suites are pet-friendly so don’t worry about leaving your furry friend at home. 

They don’t have a pool or breakfast buffet but you won’t really miss it when you’re out exploring and saving all that money doing fun things with your family instead of spending it all on a cramped hotel room. 

All rooms have free and fast wi-fi so you can get your work done if needed.

stayAPT courtyard
stayAPT courtyard

Eat-In Kitchen

The kitchen we had at stayAPT Suites was a beautiful, eat-in kitchen. Honestly, I’d love to have this same kitchen in my house. It’s bigger and prettier than my own kitchen. 

There’s a full-size refrigerator, a huge granite peninsula with chairs and a sink, a dishwasher, an electric stove, a coffee maker, and a toaster. I was at home here and I loved it. 

While they provide one day of coffee, if you’re here longer, bring your own coffee and filter. They have pots and pans, silverware, and cups. A roll of paper towels and salt and pepper would be helpful to bring with you as well.

Minimalist Decor, Affordable Rates

The decor around stayAPT is very minimalist and has no frills. The courtyard is really pretty though with comfortable seating and an area to relax and let the kids play after a long drive. 

The hotel is able to keep rates low because they have minimal staff and amenities to keep up with. All of the staff I met were incredibly nice and helpful. While I checked in at the lobby, you can use keyless and contactless check-in via an app.

stayAPT Suites room
stayAPT Suites bedroom

This minimalist philosophy is a huge advantage in most places but especially in Charleston, where it’s not easy to find someplace affordable to stay for families or longer term stays. 

StayAPT is perfect for traveling nurses, families who are relocating and need a spot to stay for a bit, and longer-term travel for business.

Honest Mom Review of stayAPT Suites

I was immediately floored when I walked into the room because it was just so large and spacious. And I absolutely loved the kitchen with all the open space and big countertops. It was perfect for when I cooked breakfast and dinner during our trip and helped us save money, which is always appreciated. 

I wasn’t expecting such a minimalist hotel in terms of the normal amenities that most hotels usually offer like a pool and breakfast (if you’re lucky) but it was an easy transition to make in my mind because we weren’t cramped and the location was great.

I especially find stayAPT Suites a fantastic option for visiting families or people who need a place while relocating. Not all of us have a lot of extra space for when our families come to visit and stayAPT Suites has two locations in the Greenville area for such an occasion!

Booking Your Stay 

It’s super easy to book your stay at stayAPT Suites as everything is done online on their website. StayAPT Suites has double queen and king rooms available and rates will depend on season, holidays, and other factors that determine the prices – but rates will be competitive. 

You can book your stay at the stayAPT website for North Charleston as well as search their other locations.

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