Trapped in the Upstate: Beat The Clock In This Escape Room In Greer, SC

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Do you have what it takes to beat the clock at Trapped in the Upstate in Greer, SC? Will you figure out the puzzle or will you get trapped? Don’t worry. You’re not really trapped. But just to be sure, we visited to check out this escape room experience. Read our account of the spooky experience at Trapped In The Upstate. 

Robert's Relic Room
VooDoo Shack Room at Trapped In The Upstate

Thank you to Trapped In The Upstate Escape Room for providing complimentary admission for the purpose of this review. All opinions are those of the writer. 

What is an Escape Room? 

An Escape Room is a place where solving puzzles will lead you to clues that will lead to another puzzle until you’ve solved the mystery that creates the theme for the room. There’s usually an attendant watching players through a security camera, to help give you clues if you get stuck. They want you to succeed and are there to gently guide you to the clues you need to continue on and keep the fun going if you become frustrated.

You’re not really trapped, locked, or otherwise restricted to the room. You can leave to use the restroom or for any reason. Just remember, the clock doesn’t stop and you’ll have teammates counting on your help. Escape rooms are the perfect date night, team-building activity for co-workers, and birthday celebration activities for those impossible-to-please teens & tweens! The rooms come in all different themes depending on the venue.

At Trapped In The Upstate, Greer’s only escape room, they currently have six themes, including Saving Santa, The Legend of Lizzie, Asylum, Master Illusionist’s Parlor, and VooDoo Shack. Each room had a varying difficulty level, with most of the rooms lasting 60 minutes.

VooDoo Shack Escape Room at Trapped In The Upstate 

“Archeologist Robert Robertson ventured into a Voodoo Shack and was never seen again. His family believes that he has been cursed and his soul is being held by supernatural forces. Can you find Robert’s Relic and set his soul free…or is it too late?” -Trapped In The Upstate 

I feel like I have to tread carefully, so as to not give anything away that would spoil for readers that go (and you totally should). 

Waking up to the Roberts Relic Escape Room, sets the tone for what you are about to experience. The reclaimed wood panels and flickering gas lamps begin to transport you to the bayou and some undisclosed location where no one would hear your screams. Why are you even there? Budget Basement travel agent? Who knows? That’s not important anymore. Now you just have to figure out how you’re getting back home.

Solving the mystery of what happened to “Uncle Robert” is your only goal. That and doing it in 60 minutes or less, or before that voodoo priestess comes back to claim another victim. 

This room was a lot of fun, and I suggest you bring at least two other adults with you. The more eyeballs on things the better.

Clues For The Escape Rooms at Trapped In The Upstate

Without giving anything away, I can offer you these tips for your time in the rooms. 

  • Just assume that everything you see in the room is there for a reason. Clues could be staring you in the face, so take nothing for granted. 
  • Nothing will be higher than a short person could reach. If they didn’t supply you with a ladder, you won’t need one. Climbing on furniture won’t be necessary and is not approved by the Voodoo Priestess. 
  • If something won’t move if you try to push it lightly – it’s not meant to move. This isn’t a strong man contest. 
  • The resetting of the padlocks, as shown to you at the beginning is IMPERATIVE to remember. In your panic and hustle to enter possible combinations – you will forget to reset. So if you only take a few things away from reading this, let this be one of them. Push the padlock up and down 3 times to reset it.
  • Pay attention to the TV. There may be clues given to you on the screen when you need them.

The room is not super scary, but young children won’t be able to help solve the puzzles and may become a hindrance to others trying to solve the room. This is best suited for tween-age and older players. The Magician’s Parlor will be better suited for families and elementary-aged children.

Master Illusionist Room at Trapped in the Upstate
The Master Illusionist’s Parlor at Trapped In The Upstate

Trapped In The Upstate in Greer, SC 

You can book your visit to these six rooms:

Admission to Trapped in the Upstate:

  • 2 players – $41.99 per person 
  • 3 – 4 players – $33.99 per person 
  • 5+ players – $30.99 per person 

Trapped In The Upstate
556D Memorial Drive Extension, Greer | 864.416.1539

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