Oh baby! Free 3D ultrasounds at Greenville Tech in Greenville, SC

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Did you know you can get a FREE 3D ultrasound in Greenville, SC? Greenville Tech in Greenville, SC offers free 3D/4D ultrasounds. Spots are limited, and we tell you what you need to do to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

3D Ultrasound Greenville, sC
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Seeing the ultrasound images of my children in-utero was always such a thrill, even from the earliest moments of pregnancy that the images would show up on the screen. I carried those first photos of my children with me in my wallet everywhere as I awaited the big moment of the 20-week ultrasound, where the baby’s features were more apparent. Those appointments were really special for my husband and me.

I never got 3D ultrasounds though, but I have seen those images from friends and whoa, they were amazing! The detail you could see of the baby was so cool. I’m thankful to have this kind of technology available and at Greenville Tech. They offer these 3D/4D ultrasounds to moms for free.

Getting your free ultrasound

Ultrasound appointments are currently being booked at the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program at Greenville Technical College at the OB Ultrasound Clinic on the Barton Campus. Ultrasound appointments can be booked starting right now through early August.

Moms must be between 22-30 weeks pregnant at the time of the ultrasound. The ultrasounds will be performed by students at the college under the direct supervision of their instructors. It’s both a fun and educational experience for the parents and the students as they both learn more about the hidden life of the growing baby.

Mothers will get to see the live 3D ultrasound in action plus go home with photos of their little nugget. Typically, a 3D ultrasound is not covered by insurance and will cost upwards of $100 or more but with this program, you will pay nothing.

Appointments last about one hour. These ultrasounds are for training purposes only and are not a substitute for an official ultrasound examination ordered by your physician. Patients will also need to sign a release before the appointment.

Need to know

There are important things to know before you book your appointment for the free ultrasound at Greenville Tech.

  • Moms must be between 22-30 weeks pregnant at the time of the appointment. Moms pregnant with multiples are not able to participate due to the high level of skill needed for this type of sonogram.
  • Patients can bring two guests to the appointment.
  • Children aren’t allowed at the appointment.
  • You must bring with you a printed copy of a permission letter from your doctor stating that it is permissible for you to participate in the educational OB scanning lab at Greenville Tech. The ultrasound will not take place if this requirement is not met.

Making your appointment

To schedule an appointment, you need to give Greenville Tech a call at 864.250.8290. Appointments are on a first-come, first-serve basis and are limited so if you’re pregnant and fall into the correct gestational age, go get your ultrasound to see your little munchkin.

OB Ultrasound Clinic at Greenville Tech
506 S. Pleasantburg Drive, Greenville

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