Low Cost Haircuts (and lots more) at Greenville Tech in Greenville, SC

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Did you know that Greenville Tech operates several student-run clinics that offer low-cost services to the Greenville, SC community? If you’re looking for some low-cost options to sub into your routine to help fight the way inflation is hitting your budget, you’ll want to check out what Greenville Tech is offering.

GTC Student-Run Clinics

What Are Student-Run Clinics at Greenville Tech?

Student-run clinics at Greenville Tech give students real-life practice in their field of study. They are overseen by licensed professionals, but because students are doing the work, the fees charged to clients are very low compared to professional services.

Student-run clinics at Greenville Technical College:

You will need to make an appointment at these clinics to attend.

Low-Cost Haircuts for Everyone!

Kids’ haircuts at Greenville Tech are just $5 up through age 12. For adults, prices range from $7 to $20 for cuts depending on options like shampoo/blow dry and more. Services for color, styling, and treatments are also available for a fraction of professional salon prices. The bonus is that you get to help a student hone their skills.

What to Expect at the Salon at Greenville Tech

What is it like to get a haircut at Greenville Tech? A lot like a regular salon, except that teachers walk around assisting the student stylist. So, you can expect to go over what you’d like done to your hair with your stylist, and then the stylist will explain it to the teacher and get approval. If the student stylist has any questions the teacher will be there to assist and make sure you leave looking fabulous and happy.

Do expect your time at the salon to be a little longer than you’d spend for the same cut or treatment in a professional salon. Remember that these are students, they are still learning, and they won’t work as quickly as a professional.

Students are not paid, but you can tip them.

My family has visited the salon twice, for both adult and child haircuts. Our experiences could not have been better.

Services offered at the salon at Greenville Tech

  • Chemical Services
  • Cuts, sets, and styling
  • Waxing
  • Manicures
  • Pedicures
  • Facials
  • Make-up application

See the full list of services and fees on the Costemtology website.

Schedule Your Appointment

To visit the salon, you should schedule in advance. To schedule an appointment call 864.250.8940

More Greenville Tech Student-Run Clinics

In addition to cosmetology, there are also student-run clinics for pet grooming, dental hygiene, ultrasound, and massage therapy.

GTC Dental Hygiene Clinic

Dental care: Services offered include cleaning, sealants, x-rays, deep cleaning, and antibiotic therapy if needed. Patients are accepted based on program needs first, and others will be fit in as time allows. The price for adults and children is an inclusive flat fee of $40.

Pet Grooming Clinic at Greenville Tech

Pet Grooming: Services offered include bathing and grooming services, plus nails, teeth cleaning, and more. Prices for grooming and bathing are based on weight beginning at $25. While grooming includes nails, if you want a nail trim only it is $10, teeth cleaning is an additional $5. Check out all their services and prices on the Greenville Tech pet grooming page.

OB Ultrasound Clinic at Greenville Tech

Ultrasound Clinic: Approximately one-hour ultrasound sessions for mothers between 22 weeks and 30 weeks. Services are available for moms of single babies only, no twins, and you must have the approval of your doctor.

Has your family utilized the services at GTC Student-Run Clinics?

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