These Apple Store Classes and Camps for Kids are Totally FREE

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Did you know the Apple Store provides free classes and camps for kids? Classes include the free use of Apple technology plus instruction allowing kids to be creative with music, photography, art, video, and even coding.

Over summer break, the Apple Store even provides FREE Apple Camp for kids, which are class events that culminate in a final project. All this happens through a program called Today at Apple.

My own kids have participated in several of these camps and classes and have always enjoyed the programs, wearing their free Apple t-shirts, and sharing their creations with our family. Thanks to that experience, in this article we’re sharing everything you need to know about signing up and participating in these classes and camps at the Apple Store, plus a few tips.

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This article includes:
In-Store Apple Classes for Kids
How to Sign-up for Apple Store Kids’ Classes
Apple Camp: Free Summer Camp for Kids
Sign-up for 2023 Apple Camp
Things to Know About Apple Events for Kids

In-Store Apple Classes for Kids

Apple Store classes for kids are in-person classes programs that change periodically, but they all have a few things in common.

All programs for children (classes or camps) happen at Apple retail stores. You can bring your own Apple device or one will be provided for kids to use for free. This means these classes are a good way to introduce kids to technology that they may not be able to use regularly.

Classes are free and meet just once.

Instructors will walk kids through how to use the device and required apps to complete the class objective.

Currently, the Apple Store is offering the following classes for kids:

Class offerings vary by Apple Store location. Visit Today at Apple to find classes near you.

Apple Classes and Camps Near Upstate, SC

Apple Classes in Greenville, SC
Apple Classes in Charlotte, NC (Southpark)
Apple Classes in Charlotte, NC (Northlake Mall)

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How to Sign-Up for Apple Store Kids’ Classes

First, visit Today at Apple where you will be prompted to select an Apple Store location near you.

Next, select your nearest location and view the class offerings available at that location. You’ll be given a choice of available times.

Just select your desired class time and complete the sign-up prompts.

2023 Apple Camp: Free Summer Camp for Kids

Is Apple Camp happening in 2023? Yes! Apple Camp registration is open now! Just head to Today at Apple to find your location and sign up!

What is Apple Camp?

Much like the Apple Store kid’s classes and labs described above, Apple Camp puts technology into the hands of kids and shows them how to use it while completing creative projects.

2023 Apple Camp is a one-day camp all about inventing. It’s called Design Your Dream Inventions on iPad. Kids ages 8 to 12 will be able to utilize iPads and Apple Pencils to brainstorm and blueprint ideas for inventions to help their neighborhoods. Campers will then use Freeform and Keynote to turn their work into trading card-style GIFs.

In 2022, Apple Camp was a one-day camp on creating a comic book. At the end of camp, each kid got to share their art lab comic book adventure with their family and present them to other kids in the class.

Camp is recommended for kids ages 8 to 12.

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What Does Apple Camp Include

  • Free instruction
  • Free Use of iPads during camp

Sign-up for the 2023 Apple Camp

Apple Camps fill up quickly. Head to the Apple Camp website. 2023 Apple Camp registration is open now!

Things to Know about Apple Camps and Classes for Kids

These are not drop-off events. Parents or guardians are expected to stay in the store, although they do not have to assist their child. Parents with younger siblings in tow may appreciate a small section of the store with iPads full of apps for young children during this time. Parents will also have the opportunity to learn about new Apple products, technology, keeping kids safe on Apple devices, and other relevant topics.

Mom Tip: Swing by the coffee shop on the way in and then just enjoy watching your kids learn something new.

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