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Don’t Wonder! Learn When to See a Doctor for Childhood Bruises.

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In this article, Prisma Health’s Leslie Gilbert, MD, offers advice on childhood bumps and bruises. We all know it is a normal part of being a kid but do you know when to be concerned about a bruise? Keep reading to learn more.

“It is normal for children to have flat bruises over their shins and other bony areas, such as their elbows and forearms,” said Dr. Gilbert. “This is just part of healthy play and will resolve normally. Bruises should be a concern when they occur in areas such as the back, stomach or bottom, when they occur without any known trauma or when they are not flat.”

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If your child is experiencing these types of bruises, they could be a sign of a bleeding disorder. Bleeding disorders are a group of diseases that lead to an increased risk of bleeding and bruising. A bleeding disorder affects the way your blood would normally clot.