2024 Biggest Birthday Party Bash Guide

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This year’s event has even more fun activities planned. Please read through this guide in order to plan your evening and not miss anything.

Check-in Procedures

Weather permitting, we will start checking-in guests by 6 pm outside. Please bring your e-ticket issued by Simple Tix. Your hand will be stamped once you have been checked in.

Once your hand has been stamped, you may get a snow cone from Kona Ice outside the event. Please note that your snow cone may not be brought into the building. Kona will remain outside from 6-7 pm.

Doors will open by 6:30 pm. You may enter with your stamped hand or by scanning your ticket at the door. Please understand that we work hard to get everyone in the building as safely and quickly as possible but it will take several minutes to check everyone in.

Tips & Tricks

Bring a bag! Your kids will win prizes and treats all over the museum and you will need a bag to carry everything.

Head up or down first. If you are one of the first to enter the building, we recommend heading to one of the popular activities on the upper & bottom floors first before they develop lines.

Focus on visiting the vendors first. We have packed our event with fun, and our event is limited to two hours since our event is after the museum’s public hours. Be sure to look over the schedule ahead of time to know what activities you want to prioritize. We would rather you have a great time and have more than enough to do than not enough activities to fill your time!

The Scoop on the Lower Level

The Scoop on the Main Level

The Scoop on the Upper Level

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