Massive Book Warehouse near Greenville, SC is Heaven for Book Lovers

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The Book Warehouse Outlet in Easley, SC is enormous and has all kinds of books, puzzles, games, magnets, cards that are all brand new and all 70% off. We have all the details on how to take advantage of their public sales. 

I stumbled upon the first Book Warehouse Outlet sale completely by accident as I was in the area one Saturday in December and saw a sign for a book sale. Being an avid book lover, I took my chances, followed the signs, and arrived in heaven. 

There were cookbooks, fiction books, nonfiction books, books about math, books about space, journals, puzzles, games, crayons, notebooks with colored pencils, board books, and awesome gifts. All of them were brand new and all of them were 70% off. What had I stumbled into? 

About the Book Warehouse Outlet

The world of book publishing is very complicated. I have some experience in part of the process and I feel like I still don’t know much. From what I gathered speaking with the wonderful people who run the Book Warehouse Outlet, the pallets and pallets of books and other goodies are essentially extras or overprinted items. They are all in perfect condition. 

The warehouse is about 300,000 square feet total, although the public doesn’t get to roam around all of it. What they do get to see and walk through is plenty. I’ve been a few times and still have not gone through all the stuff they have.  They have more than 1,000,000 books in there.

The warehouse isn’t open to the public daily, only during their public sales, which are not on a regular schedule yet. Your best bet is to follow The Book Warehouse on Facebook or stay tuned to our calendar since we’ll have the sales posted.

Navigating the Warehouse 

If you love books, games, puzzles, etc., then you probably won’t want to leave this place. The hours pass by quickly as you roam around the boxes and aisles seeing what they’ve got. Every sale is different since the warehouse is constantly getting in new products so you never know what you’ll find. 

They have:

  • Kids books
  • Adult fiction
  • Adult nonfiction
  • Board books
  • Bibles
  • Journals
  • Puzzles
  • Magnets
  • Thank-you cards
  • Comics
  • Cookbooks
  • Homeschool workbooks

Some of the goodies are labeled by genre and as each sale comes and goes, the team at the warehouse has done different things to make everything easier to find. But it still doesn’t look like a regular bookstore and, honestly, I love that. It’s like a big treasure hunt!

The pallets are all pretty much either the same book or game or puzzles or at least similar items. Things are not thrown all over the place – everything is neat and organized and I found it a lot of fun to just browse through everything to see what I could find. 

Also, the prices on the books, games, puzzles, etc. aren’t marked up and then 70% off is taken. They are the prices you’d find in any bookstore – except way cheaper! 

Tips on Shopping the Book Warehouse Sale 

I cannot overstate how huge this place is and how much stuff they have for sale. It’s maybe just a tad smaller than Costco and can be overwhelming. After I went the first time, I told my kids we are taking lunch the next time and spending a lot of time there. It’s that big. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your time: 

Bring a foldable wagon or cart: They don’t have shopping carts there (it would really clog the aisles) so you can bring your own shopping bag or cart. I saw people with those foldable beach wagons and thought it was brilliant. They also had boxes that you could label with your name and leave on the side of an aisle so you could just drop stuff in there and go back to shopping. 

If you can’t find the price, ask: The staff here are awesome and incredibly helpful. If you can’t find the listed price, just ask. 

Bathrooms are limited: There are only a couple bathrooms so make a bathroom run beforehand if you need to. There are some gas stations nearby. 

Bring a lunch: You’re going to be there awhile. Bring some food, eat when you’re hungry, then get back at shopping.

New stuff is added: The warehouse gets new shipments in daily so what you saw at the last sale may not be available at the next one. And they will put out new stuff for the upcoming sales – it’s like finding treasure!

The Next Book Warehouse Sale

The next Book Warehouse Outlet public sale will be December 16-17, 2023.

Book Warehouse Outlet
1859 Dacusville Highway, Easley
The Book Warehouse Outlet Facebook page

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