10 Bakeries That Are Creating Instagram Worthy Cakes In Greenville, SC

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Looking for amazing cakes in Greenville, SC? The art of cake decorating and baking is often harder than it looks. Great bakers, make the process seem effortless, and that misconception has led to many a reality show. Just like on the show “Nailed It”, oftentimes even bakers can misjudge the difficulty of a cake’s design. That’s when reliable recommendations and photos of past work become so important. We have a list of bakeries in Greenville our readers have recommended.

Oftentimes, the decorating of a cake can be just as difficult as saying no to orders, you aren’t sure you can pull off. If I sound like I know, it’s because I spent several years working in a bakery, and know-how important cakes can be to a milestone event. Check out these awesome local bakeries that will make your guest’s mouths water, and your photos the envy of everyone on Instagram!

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Doux Anni number cutout cake
Image Credit | Doux Anni

Picture Perfect Cakes in Greenville, SC

jenauris vegan bakery harry potter cake collage
Image Credit | Jenauri’s Vegan Bakery

Jenauri’s Vegan Bakery

I know what most of you might be thinking. Vegan?
But, I’m going to tell you right now, you would never know that the cakes from this bakery were dairy-free.

The first time I tasted one of these magical cakes, I was a guest alongside Jen Evans on WSPA. After the segment, everyone in the studio was fighting over bites of the cake. It was amazing and delicious, and you will never go back to a regularly made cake again. Jen also makes gluten-free cakes, and I’m guessing they won’t be the same disappointing kind I made once at home for a relative. Everything she makes is other-worldly and delicious!

Doux Anni three decorated Cake collage
Image credit | Doux Anni

Doux Anni

Doux Anni has a huge following of loyal customers in the Upstate! One look at her cakes and you can see why.

The intricate detail and fondant work that goes into her cakes is a lot of work, and it’s why she’s so popular! I’m thinking I need to throw myself an Alice In Wonderland Party, just as an excuse for that cake! I’m a huge fan of that book!

Image Credit | Tiffany’s Sweet Confections

Tiffany’s Sweet Confections

TIffany’s Sweet Confections offers cakes and sweet treats for any occasion. Some of the birthday cakes they produce are designed so elegantly that they are fit for royalty! With clean designs and multitiered constructions, these cakes bring the wow factor at an affordable price.

Red cottage cookie co cakes - cookie monster and rainbow cake
Image Credit | Red Cottage Cookie Co

Red Cottage Cookie Co

Red Cottage not only makes creative and delicious cakes, but they can also provide you with the custom-decorated cookies you see all over social media right now!

Learn More About The Custom Cookie Bakers Of The Upstate, including Red Cottage Cookie Co. These trendy cookies make the perfect matching theme party favors for your guests!

Tip Top Cake Shop Cake Collage - Unicorn cake and fortnight cake
Image Credit | Tip Top Cake Shop

Tip Top Cake Shop

Our readers love Tip Top Cake Shop in Easley. They make custom cakes but also do events for kids and parents, so keep an eye out!

If you head to the Tip Top cake shop Instagram page you’ll find the perfect cake in response to your teen, or hubby’s birthday wishes!

Image Credit | Lauren Ashley Smith

Sonshine Bakery

From character cakes to decadent desserts, this home-based bakery brings the flavor and fun! The attention to detail and unique flavor combinations that Sonshine Bakery has to offer will have you asking for that second (or third) slice.

Image Credit | Whisked GVL

Whisked GVL

You can’t simply walk into a grocery store and come out with a character cake this cute! From Baby Shark to unique works of edible art, Whisked GVL will make it happen.

Are you curious how she makes it happen? Head to the Whisked GVL Instagram to see!

Custom creations by leslie collage - sonic the hedgehog , louie v , cheeseburger
Image Credit | Custom Creations by Lesley

Custom Creations by Lesley

Your teenager said she wants a designer purse for her birthday? Here ya go. A Louis Vuitton cake just for your 16 or 40-year-old princess! Awesome cakes that teens and everyone will love, is this baker’s special talent. Every part of that burger cake is edible – even the soda cup!

Image Credit | Dolce Design Cake Boutique

Dolce Design Cake Boutique

The absolute artistry of fondant work seen in Dolce Design Cake Boutique’s creations is stunning! These cakes are almost too beautiful to eat (but I would eat every last bite anyway). They design cakes for any occasion, from birthdays and baby showers to bridal parties and weddings. Aside from cakes, they also offer unique cake pops and other delicious dessert treats to fulfill your sweet tooth.

Cakes to dye for collage - snake and fire dept cake
Image Credit | Cakes To Dye For

Cakes To Dye For

Decorating cakes that look like they’ll take a bite of you before you take a bite of them is no easy feat. I feel like that snake cake is staring at me right now. Good thing I can spray it with that firehose, it’s real right?

BAK'D Cake collage - Chocolate strawberry cake with gold crown
Image Credit | Lauren Ortiz


Trang Thu Pitts creates beautiful cakes when she’s not baking the bread to supply local restaurants and cooking for VIPs at the Masters Tournament! Readers went insane at Christmas time over the Bak’d Little Debbie Tree cake!

I know I said this list had 10 options, but I’m going to slip a few more in. I didn’t figure anyone would mind. You want to have a “Sweet Life,” right?
Ok. Good, then let’s talk about this last few bakeries!

The Sweet Life Cake Collage - Woodland creature , pink , unicorn
Image Credit | The Sweet Life

The Sweet Life

Do yourself a favor. Go to The Sweet Life Cupcake shop and order your cake in person. While you’re there, grab a few cupcakes and their delicious sandwich cookies! My mouth is watering right now thinking about it. Just Go! They are tucked away in a shopping center behind Ollies. You can tell the family you are running to Lidl for milk and go grab a treat for yourself. I’ll keep your secret.

Passerelle Bakery cake collage - Blipi cake & Dino cake
Image Credit | Passerelle Bakery

Passerelle Bakery

You’ve probably enjoyed brunch at Passerelle Bistro, overlooking beautiful Falls Park in downtown Greenville, but did you know you could also grab a cake for your event there?

Jenifer Rogers will help you create the cake you envision, and you can have every confidence this executive chef will knock your expectations out of the park (Falls Park)!

The Uptown Company pear stained glass cake & Garlic flower cake
Image Credit | The Uptown Company

The Uptown Company

The Uptown Company is who you call when the cake will be enjoyed with a glass of champagne, or perhaps a meal also provided by them!

These sophisticated cakes are not just gorgeous, almost too gorgeous to eat, they are delicious! Enjoy a special anniversary, birthday, or just a day that ends in “y” with a cake from them.

Image Credit | James and Thomas Bake Shop

James and Thomas Bake Shop

This self-described cottage bakery offers custom cake creations for every occasion. They also create some of the most gorgeous and unique macaroons I have ever seen! James and Thomas Bake Shop uses both traditional and unique flavors such as pistachio in their cakes, so customize to your heart’s content!

One Last Word About Cakes.

The last year has been exceptionally hard for most if not all of us, for one reason or another. It’s not lost on me that a lot of people don’t have the money to spend on a fancy cake right now.

Can I share a secret with you?
I was a teenager before I had a professionally made cake, and some of my fondest childhood memories from birthdays are the cakes that my mother made me. She wasn’t a cake decorator, far from it, but those coconut-coated cakes and the ones decorated with animal crackers are the ones I remember fondly.
As will your children.

Homemade Coco Character cake

Where Do You Like To Get Your Cakes From? Let us know in the comments.

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Melanie is a native New Yorker, who landed in the Upstate by way of Florida. She is the mom of two awesome kids, and the three of them love going on adventures!

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Cassie Lopez
5 years ago

Oh! You need to look up Michal Smith. Her business is Cakesmith. Her cakes are totally new and outta this world! She used to have a weekly table at the downtown Greenville Farmers Market.

Goldenstrip resident
5 years ago

Gretchens is amazing, a must try if you have not experienced them

3 years ago