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The Greenville area is home to many excellent schools and parents truly have an array of educational institutions they can choose from to meet their child’s needs. But it can be overwhelming to say the least and as a parent, how do you know if you’ve made the right decision in the end?

There is one school that stands out for its exceptional curriculum which aims to fulfill the needs of every student and seeks to gives them the necessary skills to excel in the classrooms, on their sports team and in their community. If you are looking around for a great school where your child is given every opportunity to fulfill their potential, from pre-K through 12th grade, take a good look at Christ Church Episcopal School (CCES).

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A Little About Christ Church Episcopal School

Incredible Statistic

One stat that stood out to me about CCES is that they have a 100% acceptance rate into a college or university for all graduates! That’s amazing. I have small children so college is a long way off but I can certainly appreciate this kind of accomplishment.

Nurturing the Whole Student

While academics are paramount to a well-rounded education at CCES, the school also has a brand new state-of-the-art Performing Arts Center, a service learning program and 47 diverse athletic teams.

The staff at CCES are dedicated and knowledgeable and instill in the students a love of life-long learning. Seventy percent of all CCES faculty members hold advanced degrees so students are in capable hands. In the Lower School, learning is based on the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (PYP) where students learn how to research and present their knowledge to parents and peers. In Middle School, an emphasis is placed on skills that help students excel in both the academic and personal environments. Leadership, critical-thinking, and team building are foundational and students have multiple opportunities to engage in extracurricular and off-campus programs.

In the Upper School, students are offered more than 150 courses, including 22 Advanced Placement (AP) classes, where credits can count towards college classes.  The classes are demanding and challenging yet prepare students to do well in college as they develop a wide array of skills needed long after they leave CCES.

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Service Learning

When I was in high school, I couldn’t wait to get out of the classroom and into my community for my service projects. They were always interesting and gave me time to develop a heart for volunteer work and service in my community. That same attitude is encouraged at CCES, where the Christian value system of “giving back” is developed in the earliest grades.

Age-appropriate projects are given to students at every grade level and students are encouraged to volunteer and recognize on their own how to serve based on what they experience. For example, some students from CCES volunteered at a local soup kitchen and realized the importance of having soap. They started a collection at school for soap and other hygiene-related items so they could bring them all back to the soup kitchen.

This area of nurturing in a student is so key to their overall morality and common human decency that we see lacking so often just by watching the news! CCES encourages their students to have a servants’ heart.


CCES is a member of the South Carolina High School League and the school encourages participation and performance at a high level.

They offer 25 Varsity teams, 17 JV teams, and five Middle School teams including football, tennis, field hockey, volleyball, golf, lacrosse, softball, baseball, basketball, cheerleading and wrestling.

Performing Arts

With a brand new state-of-the-art Performing Arts Center, CCES is ahead of the curve when it comes to nurturing that creative spirit in students. CCES has talented faculty specializing in drama, music, theatre, and the visual arts, all ready to aid students to cultivate their inner Shakespearean character, Broadway musical star, Picasso, or Bruce Springsteen.

All of the arts programs at CCES are geared towards enriching the lives of students to ignite their creativity.

Christ Church Episcopal School

Faith Based School

CCES is a faith based educational institution rooted in the Christian, Episcopal tradition and students attend weekly chapel services. Many of the school traditions stem from the CCES mission and “experience”. However, CCES embraces students from a spectrum of religious beliefs and welcomes them all into the CCES family.

To learn more, visit:

Christ Church Episcopal School
245 Cavalier Drive
Greenville, SC

Does Christ Church Episcopal School sound like a good fit for your child?

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