Dani’s Delectables: Home-cooked Meals and Homemade Desserts Delivered from Simpsonville, SC

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Searching for an easy way to get dinner on the table this week? Dani’s Delectables in Simpsonville, SC might be just the place. Scratch-made, home-cooked meals and desserts are available from Dani’s Delectables. Plus, you can have your order delivered! Kidding Around’s Kristina tried some of the options at Dani’s Delectables. Here’s what she experienced.

“Mom, you look like you’re going to heaven,” my 10-year-old said right after I took a bite of the Lemon Blueberry Pound Cake with Lemon drizzle. The flavors were melting in my mouth and for a moment, during a pretty hectic day, nothing else mattered. A fleeting feeling but intensely enjoyable, as those of you who love food and deal with stress can likely relate to. 

My kids and I were finishing up an amazing meal from Dani’s Delectables located in Simpsonville. But we were at home since Dani’s delivers! I got to sample several of Dani’s sweet and savory offerings and was truly blown away by her talents. You’re going to want to bookmark her website because she offers everything from holiday take home meals to meal plans to family dinners to desserts. 

Dani’s Delectables: It all started with generosity

Dani is a mother herself and began her at-home meal business two years ago following a kidney transplant. She needed to figure out a way to support herself, her kids, and her bedridden grandmother who was in her care when she saw a story about a local homeless man who was trying to get on his feet. She contacted the man who wrote the story and said she wanted to donate her car to the homeless man. When the guy went to pick up the car, being the mother and generous person she is, she gave him a dessert and sent him on his way. Well, the guy was blown away by Dani’s dessert and suggested she sell them. So she did. 

This woman is always smiling, which I could tell even when she was wearing a mask when she delivered our dinner and desserts. In the midst of adversity, she pushed through it and through her food, brings happiness to others. 

She also gives back to the community through donating meals to families who need them as well meals for homeless families and individuals. 

Delicious Food Delivered

While I love to cook, it is not an easy task to do every single day for my family, especially with the demands of working and taking care of my kids all day. When dinner time rolls around, I feel like a magician some days and pray I can pull a decent meal out of a hat. Dani understands all of this and has created a wide range of family meals that can help ease that burden of daily cooking. And she delivers within five miles of her home in Simpsonville for free ($4.99 if more than five miles). 

Everything is made from scratch, nothing comes from a bag or can or anything else processed. It’s all made in her kitchen.

Family meals include rigatoni, smothered chicken with rice (photo above), baked spaghetti, chicken pot pie, pepper steak, or the super Sunday honey ham meal. Most of the family meal options come with sides and desserts and can be made for portions up to several people at a time and can easily be ordered online. 

These meals are also ideal to send to a family who just had a baby or perhaps is dealing with hardship or tragedy. 

Dani is also quite the cook in the kitchen when it comes to comfort foods so if you love soup, she’s your girl. We tried the chicken noodle soup (like a warm hug) and the black bean soup (my kids nearly ate all of it). Both were big hits. 

A new customer favorite are the chicken wings. Dani makes her own sauces and the wings have been a bestseller ever since she introduced them on her site. 

Can we talk dessert?

Dani is a wizard when it comes to desserts. That’s what started her business in the first place so it’s no surprise that her desserts I had were amazing. But wait till you go to her website and see the cakes and pies she offers. 

Peanut Butter Galore cake? Yes. Silky Sweet Potato Pie? Yes. Cookies and Cream Cheese Cake? Yes. Key Lime Cake? A hundred percent, yes. 

I got to try the triple chocolate cake with strawberry compote, the lemon blueberry pound cake with lemon drizzle (the one that sent me to heaven for a brief moment), and the cream cheese pound cake. All of them were delightful and I had never seen my kids eat so fast as they knew they were about to have the best dessert night ever. 

Dani offers both delivery and shipping for her desserts, which makes them a perfect gift, especially when you’re trying to shop local. 

Ordering from Dani’s Delectables

Ordering meals is very easy and can all be done online in just a few minutes. Go to her website to figure out what you want and in a few clicks, your order will be complete and you can sit back and wait for all the goodies to come. She can also do custom orders and catering. 

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