Greenville Martial Art Center Offers Classes, After School Care, and Summer Camp

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Thank you to Greenville Martial Art Center for sponsoring Kidding Around Greenville and this content.

While parents may not see their kid wax on and wax off their car, they will see noticeable positive differences after their child spends some time at Greenville Martial Art Center learning skills that extend way beyond the studio and into everyday life at home and at school.

Greenville Martial Art Center (GMAC) is entering its 10th year of operation, having guided both kids and adults through Hapkido and Taekwondo programs and instilled greater confidence, self-esteem and practical self-defense skills.

What is GMAC?

GMAC is an independent, family-owned business that offers both Traditional Taekwondo and Hapkido styles of martial arts. GMAC is owned by Chris Key, who has been teaching martial arts for over 15 years. They offer an after-school program, STEAM infused summer camps, and tons of great evening classes for both kids and adults.

Summer Camps

Summer is just around the corner, unbelievably, so why not start checking out what’s available to not only keep your kids entertained? GMAC will help them become better people, teach them personal accountability, and they will have a blast all at the same time!

GMAC just opened up their summer camp registration and they’ve got some exciting weeks planned. Why choose one themed camp, when you can choose them ALL? Legos, Harry Potter, Minecraft, Community Service projects, Zoology, and Ninja week are just a few of the themed weeks awaiting your student this summer!

Through using a combination of martial arts, including traditional Taekwondo skills, and STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) activities, GMAC put together themed weeks to keep children engaged throughout the entire day.

Camps are broken up into five blocks, each consisting of two weeks. Camp Blocks begin June 5th and run through the week of August 7th. Themes for each block include LEGO engineering, Super Hero Service, Explore Like a Ninja, and Wild About Animals. Kids will do things like volunteering at a nursing home or an animal shelter, build a Free Little Library and go on field trips.

GMACs mission is to form well-rounded leaders through self-discipline, accountability, and character-building activities. These are all useful skills that can be translated to both a school and home environment and really, what parent wouldn’t want a child who listens more and is personally accountable to clean their rooms? Make this a summer they will remember for a lifetime!

The cost is $140 per week of full-day camps. The camps run Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m. – 6 p.m. GMAC asks that campers arrive no later than 9am and are picked up not earlier than 4:30 p.m.

GMAC does offer family and sibling discounts.

After-School Program

GMAC has multiple buses that pick-up children from elementary schools around the Simpsonville, Taylors, Greenville, and Five Forks area every weekday and engage them in a dynamic after-school program. It includes quiet time for homework and reading, snack time, and of course, classes where kids are taught taekwondo.

Classes are taught by the owner, Chris, who while holding black belts in both styles, is also a dad, and someone who may or may not admit to being a big kid himself. Watching him interact and teach the kids, it’s easy to see why both children and parents keep coming back to GMAC. He cares deeply about being a role model and excellent instructor and strives to channel the boundless energy of children into useful skills.

The after-school program runs from 2:30 p.m. – 6 p.m. and is very reasonably priced. Please call GMAC for prices and available pick-up locations.


Hapkido is an eclectic yet traditional Korean martial art that combines dynamic strikes along with joint locks, throws, pressure points, and other techniques used to effectively control opponents.  It truly is one of the original mixed martial arts.

One thing that sets Hapkido apart from other styles is that it is considered a “soft” style.  This means that instead of requiring practitioners to be big and strong, nearly anybody can utilize these techniques!  Using the principles of non-opposing force, circular motion, and fluid motion, a practitioner can subdue or control an opponent much larger than themselves.

The best part of Hapkido is that it is a great style for both men and women, and for all ages.  Currently their youngest student is six, while the oldest is in his 60’s (shhh! Don’t tell him we told you!)

Hapkido classes are held three days a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturday mornings.

All evening classes are affordable and family-friendly.

Who can take martial arts classes?

Everyone. There are evening classes for adults at GMAC. One of their current black belts didn’t start classes until he was 55! It is not uncommon to see a very wide age range among students in class.

While the after-school program is geared towards elementary-aged children, the Hodori (Little Tigers) Taekwondo classes are for kids as young as four-years-old. There are many family groups taking classes at GMAC, including the school owner, business manager, and their children.

Katrina Phillips, the program director at GMAC, says that children with any kind of attention-deficit disorder usually benefit greatly from their programs and are able to build better learning and listening skills.

GMAC offers family and sibling discounts, as well as a trial class so you can figure out what is best for you and your child. Martial arts are such a great way to provide structure and the opportunities to acquire valuable, life-long skills, so give it a shot!

Greenville Martial Art Center

Greenville Martial Art Center
1904B Roper Mountain Rd
Greenville, South Carolina

(864) 881-1397

Which martial arts class would your kid enjoy?

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Ashley Cole
7 years ago

Any of them!! He’s been dying to get involved in martial arts. Being on the autism spectrum the structure would be something he really enjoyed.

Linda Kerr
7 years ago

What a great opportunity! Thanks

Nicole P
7 years ago

The Hapkido class sounds really cool!

Gwynne Huff
7 years ago

Not sure – maybe he could pick!

7 years ago

Our grandson tried out for a karate class 2 years back_but they didn’want him. We have found a special needs dance class where he does ok. Would love this opportunity for him! He has autism…

7 years ago


Beth Smith
7 years ago

Hapkido sounds interesting!

Bridget Fuller
7 years ago

I feel this program is a great opportunity for children to learn this beautiful art and all it has to offer. This is great for a single parent.

Wendy Waskovich
7 years ago

These classes are very good for discipline, my husband is a blackbelt and he wants to get our son involved somewhere to help his behavior.

Lydia Seppala
7 years ago

lego engineering

Shakeeta W
7 years ago

I think my son would really like Taekwondo!

Egan Hill
7 years ago

Any really. He’s been asking for classes!

7 years ago

I would hope my son would enjoy any of them 🤗

7 years ago

All of them!