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Historic Sites

Want to add some history to your day at the park? Since Greenville used to be a textile manufacturing center, you can find lots of history all around you, even at the locations of some of our wonderful parks. From the ruins and buildings of old mills to bridges from the past, enjoy the history at these parks in Greenville County.

parks with historic sites greenville sc

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Campbell's Covered Bridge

| 171 Campbells Covered Bridge Road, Landrum, SC

The last covered bridge in South Carolina, Campbell’s Covered Bridge crosses the Beaverdam Creek and features a paved walking trail down to the bridge as well as a nature trail through the woods.

  • Campbell’s Covered Bridge, Beaverdam Creek, picnic tables, paved trail, nature trail
  • No playground
  • No restrooms
  • Free parking lot

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Pelham Mill Park

| 2770 E. Phillips Road, Greer, SC

Visit this historic site with your four-legged companion. Children will love exploring the old mill ruins and watching the Enoree River rush by.

  • Old mill ruins along the Enoree River, walking trail, dog park
  • Sunny and shady areas (no playground)
  • No restrooms
  • Free parking lot

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Poinsett Bridge

| 580 Callahan Mountain Road, Landrum, SC

The Poinsett Bridge in Greenville, South Carolina

Enjoy exploring and walking across the oldest bridge in South Carolina.

  • Poinsett Bridge
  • No Playground
  • No Restroom
  • Free parking lot

Herdklotz Park

| 126 Beverly Road, Greenville, SC

Located at the site of the former Hopewell Hospital, built in 1930, Herdklotz has a large paved walking trail that weaves around sand volleyball courts, soccer fields, and two amazing playgrounds.

  • Paved walking trail, soccer fields, picnic shelter, sand volleyball, historic site
  • Big kid playground and enclosed, preschool playground in the sun
  • Restrooms
  • Free parking lot

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Shoeless Joe Jackson Memorial Park

| 406 West Avenue, Greenville, SC

Located in the historic Brandon Mill area, enjoy a picnic, some baseball and fun on the playground.

  • Brandon Mill historic area, baseball, picnic shelter
  • Sunny playground
  • Restrooms
  • Free parking lot

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