Herdklotz Park is an Exciting Park my Kids Love to Visit Again and Again

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Have you been to Herdklotz Park in Greenville? With two large playgrounds, unique climbing structures, and lots of wide open field space, this park has it all.

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“Can we go to the park with the funny name?” I hear this question often since Herdklotz Park is our family’s favorite stop. And why not? After all, not only does this park have lots of room to roam, plenty of places for a picnic, a learning path, it also includes a 6 story slide!

History of Herdklotz Park

First, a little history. Herdklotz Park is named for former county councilman, Dick Herdklotz, because of his desire to advance outdoor recreation in the Greenville area. So, even if the name is hard to remember, the sentiment behind it is very much appreciated. The location of this beautiful park is that of the former Hopewell Hospital, built in 1930 to treat patients with tuberculosis. The original building burned down in 2002, but you can still walk by one remaining building and read about its history. As interesting as history is, we’re here to have some fun.

This spacious county park sits on 17 acres at the base of Paris Mountain. You will find very large athletic fields on both sides of the playground.  Games and team practice are often going on, but if you’re lucky enough to find the fields open, they’re perfect for running and playing. Herdklotz boasts one of the few county parks that has a sand volleyball court and horseshoe pits (you furnish the horseshoes). The pavilion is up on the hill overlooking the park and is a lovely spot for a gathering. Bathrooms are just on the other side of the pavilion. Now on to the reason my children beg to visit.

Herdklotz Park in Greenville near Paris Mountain

The playgrounds at Herdklotz

The Herdklotz playgrounds are some of the best playgrounds in Greenville (see our list of the 5 best playgrounds in Greenville for even more choices).  The larger playground has a three-story  tower for climbing. There are 6 slides, a climbing wall, a large swing set and kid favorite, the sliding handle.  Because it’s so large and challenging, this is definitely the place for older children or younger ones who are good at climbing. Our visit always seems to inspire a game of chase since there are plenty of places to hide. The smaller playground is fenced in and has its own covered pavilion with a few picnic tables. This smaller playground is where you’ll find the swings for toddlers and the much smaller playset geared toward the little ones.

In between the two playgrounds is a walking path, perfect for exercising while the children play. No matter where you are on the path, you’re able to see the larger playground. If you want to take the children on a walk with you, there is a learning path with signs and many teaching opportunities.

Tips for Visiting Herdklotz Park with your kids


  • huge climbing tower
  • comfortable picnic tables near the action (it’s even on our list of the best picnic spot in Greenville)
  • the famous sliding handle
  • shade
  • scenic view


  • little playground and big playground are far apart
  • no toddler seats on the big playground swings

Where is Herdklotz Park

Herdklotz Park is tucked away off of Rutherford Road right behind Half Mile Lake subdivision at 126 Beverly Road in Greenville. The parking lot is vast with spots close to the playgrounds. And if you’re lucky, you’ll get to watch a train go by on your drive to or from the park.

126 Beverly Road, Greenville

What is your kid’s favorite thing about Herdklotz Park?

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