Search for Ghosts at These Haunted Cemeteries Near Greenville, SC

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Want to search out ghosts in these local haunted cemeteries? Greenville, SC, and several places in the Upstate are home to some seriously spooky cemeteries with ghost stories to go along with them. When a place has a troubled past, that usually means the alleged presence of spirits is inevitable. The Upstate has seen its fair share of disturbing things. Here are some of the creepiest haunted cemeteries to explore that might just give you the heebie-jeebies.

Haunted cemeteries near me: Greenville, South Carolina

Old cemeteries can be a peaceful place to stroll through and ponder what life was like for those at rest. They can also be a place filled with stories of sickness, poverty, and unrest. These stories are the ones that allegedly create the spirits that haunt us to this day.

Some places are more filled with unrest than others. The Upstate seems to be full of places where some “spirited fun” might be found. Either way, at the very least it’s a place to get some fresh air where there won’t be a bunch of the living to deal with.

Haunted places to visit in Upstate, South Carolina

These Haunted Places to Visit Near Greenville, SC have some pretty interesting ghost stories. Want to check them out yourself?

Haunted Cemeteries Near Me: Upstate, SC

Blast Battle Ground Cemetery – Gaffney, SC

On a cold January Morning in 1781, the British troops on the battlefield met with a deadly outcome. There at what is now known as the Cowpens National Battlefield, 135 men died in a battle that only lasted an hour. Nearly twice that many were injured and most likely succumbed to their injuries later. A place that saw so much bloodshed is bound to have reports of mysterious happenings, and this place is no exception.

Visitors report seeing injured men coming towards them, muttering things that would be said during the war. Some have even reported hearing the sound of gun blasts. Even if you don’t get a visit from an injured soldier, a trip to the Cowpens National Battlefield would still make a cool history lesson.

Cemetery Hill – Spartanburg, SC

The term “Rest in Peace”, was something a bunch of the residents at Cemetery Hill didn’t find to hold true. The expansion of the Charleston and Western railroad lines through downtown Spartanburg had an obstacle to deal with. The “Freemans Cemetery”, also known as the first Black cemetery in Spartanburg for freed slaves.

The cemetery was near where West Main Street crosses the train tracks that ultimately overcame the obstacle. In 1900 the graves were moved to Cemetery Hill where the freed slaves could maybe finally find their restful eternity.

We’re not sure if they were successful, but there’s only one way to find out.

Photo of a gravestone at a old cemetery.

Iva Cemetery – Iva, SC

Just walking past this cemetery at sunset is enough for visitors to invite a visit from a male apparition. It is said he follows you until you turn to look at him.

Magnolia Cemetery – Spartanburg, SC

The oldest cemetery in Spartanburg sits quietly behind the Krispy Kreme in Spartanburg. Just driving past it gives me the heebee jeebees, If you are braver than I am and decide to venture back there, just be sure not to spit out your watermelon seeds.

The ghosts don’t mind. Actually nobody probably minds. It’s just another one of those wacky laws on the books that aren’t worth the trouble of addressing. But just to be safe, stick to seedless watermelon should you plan a picnic at Magnolia Cemetery.

Oakwood Cemetery – Spartanburg, SC

The most infamous of cemeteries in the Upstate and one of the most haunted places in the state of South Carolina is Oakwood Cemetery.

Two of the residents of Oakwood are rumored to still make their presence known to this day. A woman and her child are regularly seen by visitors. She’s commonly referred to as “The Lady In White”. People say they experience a feeling of pain and anguish when she appears. That she is doomed to search for her son. He’s there though and he likes to play tricks on people who come to visit his grave.

I’ve read that the mother was visiting a grave at the cemetery and the little boy fell to his death there, back behind the potters’ field portion of the grounds.

In order to make room for railroad development in 1914, over 314 gravesites were moved here from Magnolia Cemetery. This only added to the unrest at Oakwood Cemetery. If you wander during the day back behind the potter’s section, you might come across the entrance to a strange tunnel.

Macabre things have occurred in modern years at this cemetery. Things we won’t mention here, but for this reason, we don’t suggest you visit here at night.

Haunted Cemeteries Near Me: Greenville, SC

Duncan Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery – Greenville

Once touted as one of the most haunted places in Greenville, the remains of this cemetery are now on display in the parking lot of a new Walmart Market. Reports of children’s laughter and bouncing balls were popular with people who would visit this cemetery prior to the clearing out and development of the property.

I’m not sure if what has transpired would make the possibility of an encounter more or less likely. A trip to this centuries-old cemetery is definitely interesting, and you can always grab some milk and eggs while you’re there.

New Salem Baptist Church Cemetery – Tigerville, SC

This small church burial ground is the resting place for over 100 people. Some of them interred as far back as the turn of the last century. There are lots of stories on the internet of people experiencing odd things here. From the unexplained sounds of rustling in the surrounding woods to an apparition forming from a man’s pipe smoke, the grounds of this cemetery are a hotspot for hauntings.

Springwood Cemetery – Greenville

This cemetery dates back to 1829 and many prominent people from Greenville’s history are here. The cemetery began as a family-owned plot of land in the 1700s to be used as a gravesite. Later on, more acres were added, including a public African-American section around 1863.

While there have been rumors of eerie occurrences for years, like footsteps and the laughter of children absent any living children nearby, perhaps one of the more creepy aspects of this cemetery is that there are more than 2,600 unnamed graves with no headstones. Other sites are simply marked with very little information like “Two little children. Names unknown. Found in the old vault. 1912.” Some suggest that these may have been children of sharecroppers but no one really knows for sure.

I stumbled across the story of Fannie Heldmann. Fannie’s father, George, a prominent businessman in Greenville, arranged for her to marry his business partner. Fannie is said to have “gone insane” while planning her wedding (which she clearly was not happy about). One night in 1889, she slipped out of her bedroom, walked down to what we know as Falls Park, and drowned herself in the Reedy River. Her grave is marked with an enormous concrete angel. Fannie’s unsettled spirit haunts the cemetery. I’ve yet to visit at night, so if anyone would like to join me, I’ll be waiting in the car!

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Did we miss any local cemeteries where there’s spirited fun to be had? Let us know in the comments if you’ve had an encounter of your own!

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