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Have you seen little free libraries around Spartanburg? These are great little places to share the love of reading with the community. Grab a book and leave one to share. We’ve got a list of locations in Spartanburg for you to find!

What is a Little Free Library?

Unique little boxes where people in the community can take-a-book or leave-a-book, the Little Free Libraries are popping up all over the Upstate. Often set up by individuals who want to share their love of reading with neighbors, like our very own Kidding Around Contributor Jennifer!

There are well over 85,000 registered Little Free Libraries worldwide. This is pretty amazing considering how short a time this concept has been around.

In 2009, as a memorial to his mother, Todd Bol of Wisconsin built a little schoolhouse shaped box. He filled it with books and placed it atop a post in his front yard. The reaction was so great in his community; he began building more and giving them away to people.

As word spread and more people started creating their own libraries, it caught philanthropist Andrew Carnegie’s attention. Inspired, he wanted to fund the creation of additional 2,508 libraries. He was successful, and in partnership with the original creator, they funded over 5,000 in half the time they had hoped it would take.

In Spartanburg, we are fortunate that so many individuals have been inspired by this project and created a Little Free Library to share with our community. 

Where are the Little Free Libraries in Spartanburg, SC?

  • Victor Park #36683
    108 South Line Street, Greer SC 29651
  • Little Free Library #59813
    200 Watercourse way, Greer SC 29651
  • Little Free Library #58387
    2720 South Old Highway 14, Greer SC 29651
  • Little Free Library #40478
    2 Blanton Lane, Greer SC 29650
  • Free Little Library #96538
    108 North Miller St, Greer SC 29650
  • Free Little Library #66664
    105 Wood Avenue, Greer SC 29650
  • Little Free Library #55416
    994 Shoresbrook Road, Spartanburg SC 29301
  • Little Free Library #18645
    1626 Old Charlotte Road, Spartanburg SC 29307
  • Free Little Library #2035
    114 Woodglen Road, Spartanburg SC 29301
  • Free Little Library #21263
    112 Oakleaf Drive, Spartanburg SC 29301
  • Jesse Bobo Elementary (in office) #48049
    495 Powell Mill Road, Spartanburg SC 29301
  • St Matthew’s Episcopal Church & Preschool #49579
    101 St. Matthew’s Lane, Spartanburg SC 29302
  • Free Little Library #11435
    217 Mills Avenue, Spartanburg SC 29302
  • The Rail Yard Park // The Mary Black Rail Trail Spartanburg SC 29302
  • Cleveland Park
    141 North Cleveland Park Drive, Spartanburg SC 29303
  • Eubanks Center #79339
    358- A Serpentine Drive, Spartanburg SC 29303
  • Hatcher Garden #49409
    832 John B White Sr. Blvd, Spartanburg SC 29306
  • Free Little Library #13853
    194 W. Hampton Ave., Spartanburg SC 29306
  • The Bethlehem Center #95271
    397 Highland Avenue, Spartanburg SC 29306
  • Little Free Library #29983
    604 Perrin Drive Spartanburg SC 29307
  • Pierce Acres Little Free Library #101799
    276 Fairlane Drive, Spartanburg SC 29307
  • Little Free Library #51635
    2020 Springfield Rd, Boiling Springs SC 29316
  • Little Free Library #71893
    331 Shoreline Boulevard, Boiling Springs SC 29316
  • Little Free Library #57180
    721 Sterling Drive, Boiling Springs SC 29316
  • Little Free Library #39904
    145 Waterford Drive, Inman SC 29349
  • Little Free Library #80019
    265 Woodcrest Court, Inman SC 29349
  • The Castle #101175
    207 Gramling Court, Inman SC 29349
  • Middle Tyger Community Center #40524
    84 Groce Road, Lyman SC 29365
  • Little Free Library # 64443
    231 East Hayne Street, Woodruff SC 29388
  • Little Library of the Oaks #113190
    1052 Oak Creek Dr, Spartanburg SC 29302
  • Ex Libris Montgomery #99665
    124 Montgomery Drive, Spartanburg SC 29302
  • Pine Lake Village Apartment complex #58050
    180 s Pine Lake Drive, Spartanburg SC 29306
  • Little Free Library # 107380
    Lat: 34.96984 Long: -81.86494
  • Little Free Library #12365
    Lat: 34.98023 Long: -81.85747

The Free Little Library location list is growning quickly! The list above includes just some of the many Free Little Library locations in the Upstate.
For the most up to date locations, check out this Little Free Library Interactive Map.

We suggest a habit of swapping whenever possible. Bring a book, then take a book. That way, everyone can enjoy a well-stocked Little Free Library.

Are you inspired and want to build your own Little Free Library?
Here is all the information you’ll need to start your own little free library, including building plans, and tips for finding the right place, and more.

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Melanie is a native New Yorker, who landed in the Upstate by way of Florida. She is the mom of two awesome kids, and the three of them love going on adventures!

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Heide Woodworth
3 years ago

There is another LFL at 276 Fairlane Drive, Spartanburg 29307

Ed Epps
3 years ago

Another one on the Loop in Roberts Meadows off Fernwood-Glendale!

3 years ago

How do you register? We have had a free library at Sugar Tit Distillery for over a year. 330 Main Street, Reidville, SC 29375. Love to be part of the program. We call it”Take a book…leave a book”!

Nancy Easler
1 year ago

There are also ones at Hickman Ct and Hillbrook Drive, and Shelton Drive in Hillbrook.