Luna Rosa Gelato Cafe Is The Perfect Spot To Grab a Bite in Downtown Greenville, SC

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Wondering what you can enjoy from Luna Rosa Gelato Cafe in Downtown Greenville? Would you be surprised to learn it’s a lot more than just gelato? Learn all about the Ortiz Family and the restaurant perfectly situated in the heart of Downtown Greenville.

My first encounter with Luna Rosa was at an event for FMF Chef Alliance in 2019. It was a chef potluck, where local chefs came with food and everyone had a party and just enjoyed the food and live music. It seems like a lifetime ago now. In the middle of the party, a cart was rolled out into the middle and it turned into a gelato party. The gelato was so delicious, children and adults were all walking around with big smiles on their faces as if Santa had just arrived.

Then Covid-19 came knocking.

We’ve watched restaurant after restaurant close due to the incredible challenges they have had to face to stay open and do it safely. The Kidding Around team has tried to keep local restaurants front and center for readers, encouraging support when and how you felt appropriate. This week, Luna Rosa asked the community for help. If you are looking for a place to eat in the coming weeks, a place to grab a cool treat, a cocktail, or anything, the Ortiz family could certainly use your patronage right now. They offer curbside pickup, outdoor dining, a kids menu, all the things you could want in a restaurant right now.

Luna Rosa Gelato Cafe

Jose, Lauren, Mia, & Luca Ortiz / Richard & Linda Schweitzer

Do you have a kids menu? Yes

Do employees wear masks? Yes

What are your contactless delivery options? Curbside Pick-up

Do you offer outdoor dining? Outdoor Dining – Open Air

What makes your spot unique?
We are a family-owned business that just celebrated our 13th birthday! We have everything: amazing lunch, dinner, craft cocktail bar, and gelato.

What dish is the most popular?
(lunch) Chicago Panini / (Dinner) Pasta Milano

What dish are you the proudest of?
Our tomato and eggplant bisque

It’s my first time at your restaurant, what do you suggest we order?
Roasted tomato and eggplant bisque, our homemade Caesar salad, and stuffed mushrooms.

Where do you love to eat when not at work?

Tsunami Greenville
Stella’s Southern Brasserie

Gifting Options:
Gift certificates

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What Locals Have To Say About Luna Rosa Gelato Cafe

I just went to the new one in Mauldin. So cool and elegant inside. The food is just as amazing and the gelato of course is great.

Michelle G.Z.

Such great food! The cocktails are so creative. And the staff is always friendly.

Samantha C.

LOVE this place!!!! 😊😊😊

Dana L.

We love Luna Rosa!

Steven T

Such amazing food!

Angie L.

Learn More About Luna Rosa Gelato Cafe

Luna Rosa Gelato Cafe
123 South Main Street, Greenville | 864.241.4040
(NEW location) 306 North Main Street, Mauldin | 864.552.1554

Have you enjoyed a meal, drink or gelato at Luna Rosa Gelato Cafe? We want to know what you order when you go!

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