Take a Road Trip to Medieval Times: Atlanta, Georgia

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Have you taken your family to Medieval Times? Atlanta has one, and it is perfect for special occasions or a great day trip adventure, especially when you’re attempting to redeem the day. Medieval Times is located only 30 minutes from downtown Atlanta, and the show takes around 2-3 hours. Perfect for a day trip where you can combine with other activities. Check out KA contributor Jennifer’s day trip to Medieval Times for the dinner tournament, and get started planning your next road trip to Atlanta, GA.

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We take our children on family vacations because adventures and memories last longer than toys they outgrow. However, we have yet to take a family vacation where something unfortunate does not happen.

The trip started off well, but we had a tire blow on the interstate shortly outside of Atlanta. Thankfully, we were all safe. But, it did put some hiccups in our well-laid plans. After hours spent in a tire store and eating in chain restaurants that were not part of the agenda, we were tired, ill, and frustrated.

We decided we must redeem the day, so we called the nice folks at Medieval Times and asked to exchange our early dinner tickets for the later dinner show. With little ones along for the adventure, a show beginning at 7:30 p.m. would be pushing it for their bellies and their tired bodies. We prayed the kids would be awake enough to still enjoy it.

Our evening at Medieval Times: Atlanta, GA

Turns out, we had absolutely nothing to worry about! Our kids were alert and awake as soon as we drove up and saw the castle. The Medieval Times in Atlanta is in Sugarloaf Mills Mall in Lawrenceville, Georgia. This is located at a large outlet mall with stores, restaurants, and other activities. Medieval Times has a castle built out of the mall, which must be entered through a mall entrance. You’ll be whisked away to the 11th century once you leave the mall and enter the castle.

While we purchased tickets for the 7:30 p.m. show, the doors to the venue were opened slightly earlier. We joined the line to enter at 6:00 p.m. because the first ones to enter got the best seats in the house. When the time to enter comes, a trumpeter appears, along with the King and Princess to welcome the assembled crowd. My children could barely contain their excitement.

Things to Do Before Dinner in the Castle

Upon entering the castle, we were each given a green paper crown to cheer on the Green Knight. Pictures were taken, and then we were able to visit the castle areas.

Expect your little ones to want to visit the gift shop. There are souvenirs galore and drinks a plenty inside the castle. There is also a dungeon for brave souls to visit. Since there was a parental warning, we decided it would probably not be a wise decision to walk our little ones through the dungeon, but I did see many families come in and out of the dungeon doors.

After having such a rough day, we gave in to requests for knight’s helmets and princess hats immediately. The show is pricey itself, so be prepared for your children to want to add light-up wands, hats, swords, flags, and whatnot to the already large bill.

During the waiting time, you can shop, have a drink or snack, and watch various people be knighted by the king. This is an upgrade option for those who want the whole knighting experience. Even if you do not pay to be knighted, it is still fun to watch.

What to Expect During the Dinner Tournament at Medieval Times Atlanta

Minutes before the show, we were ushered into the jousting arena. You sit in stadium-like rows with tables in front in a round. Every seat has a great view of the dinner tournament.

The bill of fare includes your beverage, a piece of garlic toast, soup, rotisserie chicken, a roasted potato, corn, and dessert. The meal was delicious! However, there is one small thing you should know. Since you have gone back into “medieval times,” there are no utensils! You must eat everything with your hands. My son and daughter thought this was awesome! Don’t worry, parents – they provide moist wipes to clean up after your meal.

While eating, they put on an incredible show with knights, horses, and falcons. But, the big event is the dinner tournament where you watch the knights perform. The knights compete in a series of jousting events and fighting battles. They drop screens down in between the audience and knights as some of the weaponry is destroyed in the battle. You see sparks fly as swords clash and jousts splinter. You are encouraged to cheer on your knight and boo your opponent as loudly as possible.

With all the chaos of the morning, hearing my children scream, “We believe in you! You can do it!” and “Boo!” at the top of their lungs made all of the tire disaster worth it. I do not know the last time my kids have shown that much excitement. My son yelled for our knight to do a “Sneak attack!” and when a bad guy appeared, my daughter loudly shouted, “Get him outta here!”

Our Green Knight was not victorious, but it did not matter in the end. The whole arena came together to cheer on the good knight who was battling an evil one.

After the final battle, audience members can meet the knights and take pictures. This was a big hit for my star-struck children.

With hoarse voices and full bellies, we left the castle. Our children fell asleep with smiles on their faces before we ever made it out of the mall parking lot.

Things to Know Before Visiting Medieval Times Atlanta

For General Admission prices: $65.95 for adults | $38.95 for children 12 and under | Under 3 – Free if they sit with parents and do not order a meal

Times: Varies Depending on the day of the week | Saturdays generally have multiple show times (5:00 pm and 7:30 pm)

Length of time: 2-Hour Dinner Show | Castle opens 75 minutes before show time


Medieval Times Atlanta Castle
Sugarloaf Mills Mall
5900 Sugarloaf Pkwy #517
Lawrenceville, GA 30043

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