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Meet Golly

Golly is the newest member of the Kidding Around Team. He’s always on the lookout around Greenville with his Golly Goggles. When he puts his hands to his face and peers through his fingers, he’s ready for an adventure! Golly’s job is finding new things to do and see, and places to go!


The word “Golly” is used to express surprise or delight.
Golly! Look at that!

That’s exactly what Golly, and his Golly-buds, love to do most. And, he’s very, very good at it.

What will you find today?

Join Golly in the fun.

Put on your Golly Goggles.

Go ahead. Make circles with your thumb and index fingers. Now, bring them up to your eyes and look through them. There’s a whole heap of fun on the other side of those glasses. You’d better get to it.

How to put on Golly Goggles

What did you see today? Where did you go today? What did you do today?

Don’t keep it to yourself!

Snap a photo of your family in their Golly Goggles and send it to Kidding Around. Tell us what you did today with your Golly Goggles. We’ll share your message and photo with Golly and maybe even use them in a post or on our social media!

Use the Golly Goggles Adventure Form to send us your photos!

Get out there and have a great time with your family.

The Golly Wolly Song

Goody golly wolly
Can’t wait til tomorrow
Cuz I’m gonna do something new

Goody golly wolly
Can’t wait til tomorrow
Yeah, I’m gonna have fun with you.

And we’ll be Kidding Around
All over town
Just laughing and lovin’, playing and learning
Gonna have a real good time

Just Kidding Around
Everywhere there’s fun to be found
Making new friends
And we’ll do it all again
So put on your golly wolly eyes

Golly wolly (golly wolly )
Golly wolly (golly wolly )
There’s fun all over town
Golly wolly (golly wolly )
Golly wolly (golly wolly )
Let’s get Kidding Around!