Moving to Greenville: Neighborhoods with Pools to Enjoy This Summer

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Are you looking to move to Greenville neighborhoods with pools? If you’re shopping for a home and looking at neighborhoods that offer pools as part of their amenities, you’ve come to the right places. We’re listing where to find pools in Greenville below. The real estate market is booming in Greenville, so why not pick a beautiful home in a neighborhood that has a pool you can enjoy with the kids in the summer.

Greenville Neighborhoods with pools

The question we get from readers every summer is where they can buy pool memberships. Families want to know year-round which neighborhoods that have pools since it’s often on the wish list for families looking at homes for sale in Greenville. For even more tips on moving in or to Greenville, see our Guide to Moving in Greenville.

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How to Find Greenville Neighborhoods with Pools

We did the research so you don’t have to. We found neighborhoods in the Greenville area that have pools, making it easier to find your dream home.

A note on memberships: We also marked here which of those pools typically offer memberships available for purchase to non-residents of the neighborhood. These are denoted with an (M) next to the name below. This can be helpful information when shopping for a home in a new neighborhood.

If you are looking specifically to purchase a pool membership this summer, please see Summer Pool Memberships in Greenville, SC for more detailed information including rates, pool hours, and more.

These are all subdivisions. No apartment complexes have been included.

And if you’re interested in finding a home in Greenville with a neighborhood pool with a summer swim team, check out the SAIL website.

Neighborhoods with Pools Near Me: Greenville, SC

Greenville: Neighborhood Pools

Simpsonville: Neighborhood Swimming Pools

Greer: Neighborhood Pools

Taylors: Neighborhood Swimming Pools

Neighborhoods With Pools in the Upstate

Is there a neighborhood or community pool you know of to add to our list? Tell us in the comments.

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Kristina Hernandez is a mom of two girls, freelance writer and photographer. Originally from New Jersey, she is in love with the Upstate and could not imagine raising her kids anywhere else. She enjoys hiking to waterfalls, kayaking, camping, cooking, and exploring all that Greenville has to offer. And she really loves baby goats. Follow her on Instagram at @scadventurer.

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6 years ago

Cherokee Valley in Travelers Rest offers non resident pool memberships.

Joni S.
4 years ago
Reply to  VW

Do you know what the cost is for that?

6 years ago

Hi! Just wanted to let you know, Shelburne Farms in Greer does not allow outside memberships. Thanks for the list!!

6 years ago

Wellington Green / Kingsgate. More info at 🙂

6 years ago

We have a neighborhood pool in Warrenton. I don’t think they offer memberships to others but my family likes new friends if anyone wants to come with us!

6 years ago has a pool and a SAIL team.

6 years ago

Wade Hampton Gardens Pool, right beside Wade Hampton High School is a great pool and offers memberships.

C Mack
6 years ago

Planters Row and The Grove in Mauldin have pools but no outside memberships. Brookwood in Mauldin I believe does allow outside members. There is also a swim team there. Planters Row meets with them.

6 years ago

Are there any pools in the Piedmont area?

5 years ago

Brookside Pool (M) in the Brookside neighborhood (it sits on the Mauldin/ Simpsonville line and the neighborhood includes both cities) has just undergone EXTENSIVE renovations. Early bird Memberships are available for $275 until May 15th, then the rate goes up.

5 years ago
Reply to  Mary
Diane Pakkala
5 years ago
Reply to  Mary

Is the membership fee per person?

5 years ago

Stonehaven offers outside memberships

5 years ago

Our neighbors join Summewalk pool. I don’t know what their fees are.

5 years ago

My community, Lost River in Simpsonville, has an amazing pool and outdoor pavilion. Fees are $385/annual.

Holly Trace (also in Simpsonville) has a pool, not sure of their fees.

Great list, thanks!

Andy Turner
Coldwell Banker Caine

5 years ago

Shiloh Farm in Lyman has a neighborhood pool and so does the Hartleigh neighborhood in Lyman as well.

4 years ago

Paris Mountain Country Club (across Poinsett Hwy from Furman) has an option for a pool-only membership to the club. For a family, it’s $350

4 years ago

Mauldin, SC had a neighborhood pool that offer non-resident membership..

Brookside Recreational Club.
$400 family of 5 or more
$375 family of less than 5
$200 single membership…

The rest of the prices can be found on

4 years ago

Creekwood has a pool…with a lazy river!!

Joni S.
4 years ago

Any places near Travelers Rest offer pool memberships only?

Brooke Malone
4 years ago

Willow Creek in Greer has a pool.

3 years ago

Powderhorn’s outside memberships are $400.

3 years ago

The Greens at Rocky Creek in Greenville has a pool for residents and their guests.