Check Out the New Playground and Zip Line at Gower Estates Park

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Are you looking for an awesome, new playground to visit without leaving Greenville? Gower Estates Park just installed a brand new playground and it is amazing! Including a zip line and plenty of shade, the freshly updated Gower Estates Park is one you can visit again and again all summer long!

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I had never been to Gower Estates Park until we were invited to a birthday party there. This little park is secretly tucked away just off of Lauren’s Road. If you’re like my kids, you call it “the park with the tank”. Yes, it has an army tank and the kids can climb all over it. #funpictures! Gower has some great tennis courts and a couple very nice baseball fields.

Gower Estates Park in Greenville new playground

The new playground at Gower Estates Park

But the best part is their new playground equipment! The new set boasts a two level jungle gym with a slide. Next to it is a fun hanging merry-go-round sort of thing. (Try it and see if you can hang on!) And last, but not least, the feature that will provoke endless giggles and be the reason why you return to the park, a zip line. Picture the zip line that everyone waits in line for at Hertklotz, but five times longer and you get to sit on it. So much fun! My kids even forgot that it was 93 degrees for a few minutes. I’m guessing this is our new request for go-to parks.

Parents, here’s your takeaway on the new digs. Metal poles are made with this new material that doesn’t get hot in the sun. Fresh mulch is not dyed, so don’t worry about stains on clothes. There is a cover on the playground and lots of trees so there’s plenty of shade. And the main attraction for parents? The bathrooms are getting a makeover!!

Gower Estates Park in Greenville zipline new playground

Visit Gower Estates Park

24 Evelyn Avenue, Greenville
Open daily 8 am – 9 pm
Visit the Gower Estates Park website.

What is your favorite thing about the renovated Gower Estates Park?

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6 years ago

We had our daughter’s first Birthday at one of the covered tables. We really enjoyed this park. Never knew it was back there until i checked on the Greenville Parks page looking at what was available for the date we wanted! They had a nice walking path and lots of areas for the kids to run.