Pokémon Go Community Day

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Have you ever played Pokemon Go? Did you know that Spartanburg’s Cleveland Park is hosting a monthly Pokémon Go Community day, where players can team up? Regardless of whether you are a seasoned trainer, or you have no idea what a Squirtle is – this event is something the entire family can enjoy. The only thing you’ll need is your smartphone, or tablet.

First, go and download the free Pokémon Go app available in the Itunes or Google Play store(?).  This is a large download, so it’s best if you do this at home or while connected to wifi.  Pokémon GO is made by the company Niantic, and their support page is an excellent resource for new trainers. 

After you create your account and design your avatar, it’s time to play!

Playing Pokémon GO

You’ll have the chance to find Pokémon all around you. They can even show up in your home! Once you see an animated creature show up on the screen, you’ll need to catch it. To do that you’ll need to use your finger to throw the Pokéball at it. Once done correctly, it will capture the Pokémon. You will get points for the capture, and it will be added to your Pokédex.  A Pokédex is the place where all the Pokémon you’ve collected are kept. From time to time, some of the more valuable Pokémon’s break free of the Pokéball, and you have to catch them again.

Pokéstops Near Spartanburg

Cleveland Park, Tyger River Park and Century Park are popular with players because they have lots of Pokéstops. These are places that can provide you with Pokéballs and powerups such as Stardust (used for evolving, leveling and trading your Pokémon), and berries (used for easier catching or extra candies to speed up Pokémon evolution). At special events, Pokéstops will offer up special items that are announced in advance through the app.

Local Mom Nikki Kimbrell notes, “Pokémon stops are good because no one wants to be face-to-face with a Magicarp with zero Pokéballs!” Being new to the game myself, I’ll have to take her word for it.

Parks are also a great place to find nests – spawning grounds where you’ll find many of the same species of Pokémon spawning at the same time. With the help of an included incubator, you’ll be able to hatch the eggs just by walking.  That’s something you don’t get with most games – incentives for exercise!

Once you have captured enough Pokémon to reach level 5, you can choose between becoming a member of Team Valor, Mystic, or Instinct, at which point you’ll gain access to Gyms. Gyms are the only way to receive Pokécoins without spending money.  You’ll also get to battle other Pokémon In a raid, you can team up with friends or strangers. You will all need to use your Pokemon to have a successful raid. Your Pokémon will have two moves to use. One move is performed by tapping on the screen, which charges up the second move. The second move is performed by tapping the button when it’s available. You can also dodge a Pokémon’s move by swiping to the left or right.

Be Safe!

A word on safety – It’s very important be mindful of your surroundings while playing.  The game doesn’t always recognize private property or safety hazards. Although a popular place for Pokémon to show up, it’s good to steer clear of cemeteries while playing. Most groundskeepers do not welcome players on the cemetery grounds. The app will not work if you are moving quickly, a safety feature that prevents people from playing while driving. 

Pokémon Go Community Day

I hope this information helps encourage you to head out and try playing Pokémon Go with your family. Cleveland Park has experienced trainers on staff regularly and at the community days, so that would be a great place to start your Poké-adventure! Not only does the park have people to help you with the game, but there will be raffles, food trucks and other fun activities to enjoy while you are attending the community day events. The next Community Day is February 16, 2019 from 1 – 5 pm.

Cleveland Park
141 North Cleveland Park Drive
Spartanburg SC 29303

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