Takeoff Mini Golf: Airplane-Themed Mini-Golf Course Now Open in Greenville, SC

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Did you know Takeoff Mini-Golf is opening in Greenville, SC? The only aviation-themed miniature golf course in the Upstate is now open next to Runway Park near downtown Greenville. We’ve got all the details.

After a 20-year corporate career, Megan Mishler needed a change, something fun that would allow her time with her two little kids. Her husband, Anthony, has his small plane pilot’s license and after visiting Greenville’s Runway Park, they had their answer: they would open an aviation-themed miniature golf course right next to the park. The dream came true.

Takeoff Mini-golf

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Takeoff Mini-Golf Course

When Megan and Anthony decided to go with the aviation theme for the mini-golf course, they went all in. Every detail was thoughtfully devised and the experience centers around having fun with your family and friends in a unique and adventurous way.

There are 19 holes (18 plus a bonus!) and each one is a bit longer in length than a standard mini-golf course so you have more space to get those coveted hole-in-ones, or just laugh at how bad you are at mini-golf (ahem, myself).

Takeoff Mini-golf Propeller hole

The lights that dot the course look like actual runway lights, the numbers of each hole look identical to the ones you would see on a runway, there are plane propellers on one of the holes, and the last hole has a real plane beacon that lights up and has a siren if you make a hole-in-one.

The course lights up like a runway at night even and like at next door Runway Park, you can watch small planes land and take off not 200 yards away at the airport.

Kids and Adults Will Love This Place

My kids, ages 11 and 7, loved, loved, loved this place. They had such fun trying out the different holes and watching the golf ball bounce over the humps, through obstacles, and around boulders. They thought the hole where you needed to get the ball into a small water cascade so it could get to the hole was awesome. I mean, I thought it was awesome, too. They loved trying to hit the ball under a big boulder bridge and enjoyed trying to get a hole-in-one on the last, beacon hole.

For the enjoyment of the adults, they have holes that, while tracking with the plane theme, were designed to look like old school games like Plinko and Skee-ball. I freaked out here. Obviously. I love those games! The Plinko one has lights that all light up at night and look like runway lights, and the skeeball one – well, that was hard. I couldn’t get the ball through it where it would come out the other side but I had a blast. I love those thoughtful touches that Megan and Anthony did to make sure every guest, no matter their age, has a great experience.

Takeoff Café

During the hot summer months, you’ll appreciate the 32 flavors plus four house specialties of shaved ice in two sizes: coach and first-class. They also have hot and iced coffee, snacks, ice cream, water, soda, and yogurt drinks available.

Bathrooms are indoors at the café and a shaded pavilion has plenty of seating for guests.

Takeoff Mini-golf shaved ice

Birthday Parties

If you’re already thinking Takeoff Mini Golf would be a great spot to host a birthday party, you’re right. They have three birthday packages available, starting at $250 that comes with 10 passes to play the course plus either a shaved ice or ice cream treat. Two of the packages offer total turnkey service that includes aviation-themed decorations.

One of those packages though is extra special. Included in this birthday package is the opportunity for the birthday child and two guests to take a Discovery Ride in a small plane with Greenville Aviation to see Greenville from the air, taking off and landing right there at the airport. That package includes 10 passes and ice cream treats, a gift for the birthday child, pavilion rental, decorations, and memories to last a lifetime. That fantastic birthday package costs $475.

Takeoff Mini Golf also offers corporate and group events and can be rented in full on Wednesdays.

Take-off mini-golf

Hours and Play Prices

Takeoff Mini-Golf has putters for all ages and balls, which come with your mini-golf ticket. Ticket prices are $11.50/age 13+ and $9.50/age 4-12. Kids 3 and under play for free with golden plastic putters. Expect to spend about an hour and a half playing the course.

Hours are:

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday – 10 am – 5:30 pm
Friday and Saturday – 10 am – 9 pm
Sunday – 1:30 – 5:30 pm

Takeoff Mini Golf
28 Airport Road Ext, Greenville

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