10 Alternative Drive Thru’s That Aren’t Your Typical Fast Food

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Sometimes a quick dinner is a must but less than healthy fast food isn’t what you want to feed your family. Thankfully there are some healthier options, many even offer a drive thru so you don’t have to get the kids out of the car! Local Mom Lindy put together this handy list of places to head to the next time you need a fast, yet healthy, meal for your family!

healthy fast food options in Greenville

Healthier Drive Thrus

Tropical Grille

While currently only the Woodruff Road and Mauldin locations of Tropical Grille has a drive thru, at $22 for a family meal, it’s a huge hit and a local business to boot.

Farm Fresh Fast

One of the most popular fast food places in the area, Farm Fresh Fast has amazingly healthy and delicious meals to go.

Panera Bread

While not all Panera Bread locations have a drive thru, the Haywood Mall location is in the parking lot and does have one. The Laurens Road, Easley, Anderson and Spartanburg (across from the mall only) locations all have drive thrus as well. Be sure to sign up for their rewards program too!


This is a newer spot but offers a simplified menu featuring grilled chicken tenders and a delicious blueberry coleslaw (sure to make you forget your longings for that other place’s discontinued slaw). You’ll find PDQ off Pelham just before the 85.

Chicken Salad Chick

Chicken Salad Chick – another newbie, this franchise has a location off Pelham, another Augusta (no drive thru) and another off Garlington near Woodruff Rd. They have various sandwiches and salads.

Zoe’s Kitchen

Call ahead or visit their website and order online, then pick up at the Zoe’s Kitchen drive thru! Tasty kabobs and salads, and kids favorites on pita bread is what’s on the menu. There’s a location on Woodruff Road near Trader Joe’s and another on Augusta Street.

Clean Eatz

Located off of Pelham Road, you can order ahead at Clean Eatz and pick up super healthy and tasty meals. They also have meal plans.

smoothie drive thru places in Greenville

Smoothie Drive Thrus

Smoothie King

If liquid nutrition hits the spot or it’s just too hot for anything else, Smoothie King is an awesome choice and no need to leave your car. Smoothies are an insidious way to hide fruits and veggies in your kids’ diet and have them ask for more! Go higher calorie and add some protein to round it out for a meal. Locations off Woodruff Road, Pleasantburg (next to Fresh Market), Easley and Clemson!

Liquid Highway

So you need caffeine and the kids need a snack? Try a coffee place like Liquid Highway. We like their Green Goddess smoothies and profits go towards their foundation.


Alright, for those times more artisanal coffee houses can’t be found, Starbucks offers a decent amount of snacks that do not include fries but do include a quad-espresso for you along with a rewards program.

Any other “healthier” joints with drive thrus we missed? Please let us know in the comments!

About the Author
Lindy Wilson is a transplant to Greenville. She loves discovering her new home with her family and tends to be a bit crunchy. She enjoys cooking but not nearly as much as eating. She also likes shopping for a good deal.

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6 years ago

Atlanta Bread on Pelham has a drive thru. Their spinach artichoke panini is yummy.

Also lots of local Subways have drive thrus.

6 years ago

I thought I saw a sign for tropical grille coming g soon somewhere close in greenville? Off Pelham rd maybe,I saw it in passing. …

6 years ago

You missed Zoe’s! You have to call in your order ahead, but you can go through the drive thru to pick up.

6 years ago

I just found out Buttercream Bakehouse has a drive thru! I haven’t tried it yet but they’ll highly rated. It also is a rare drive thru coffee spot near downtown- off Buncombe near Rutherford, so close to TCMU too!

5 years ago

GNC smoothie bars at select locations.

Bradley Piper Broyles
4 years ago

Farm Fresh Fast has a great menu where you can order ahead, and Clean Eatz on Pelham has grab and go meals for families as well!