A Day in Fountain Inn

When you drive into downtown Fountain Inn, you will see a number places to check out. There are restaurant, shops, the library, and some wonderful parks. I want to share a few of our favorite places right on Main Street along with several that are not that far off Main Street. You could probably spend the day in Fountain Inn and explore many of them. ~Deirdre Smith, KAG Contributor

A typical day in Fountain Inn

We like to start off at one of three parks off of Main Street. We don’t always visit the same park each time we visit. Each is very different play place.


The Georgia Street Park has a small play area, basketball courts, and bike track. The bike track is designed for tricycles, scooters and small bikes. It loops all around the park and includes traffic signs and parking places.

The PD Terry City Park has ball fields, cover eating areas, and a really fun playground area. It is not far from Main Street. We have walked from Main Street to this park a few times. If you have younger children you will want to drive there.

The Fountain Inn Firecracker Disc Golf Course is located a short car ride away from Main Street. It wraps around Fountain Inn Elementary. It is a fun place for serious Frisbee throwers and those just learning to toss a disk.


The fountains in Fountain Inn are also favorites. You pass by one on the left just as you enter Fountain Inn on Main Street. It has a more Grecian feel. Just as you get past a group of shops and restaurants you will find a second fountain. It has more contemporary feel. We love the little library there and the porch style swings.

The fountains weren’t on when we visited this spring but we’re hoping they’re on by summer!

day trip to fountain inn

Lunch Spots

After play time, comes lunch time. We have had lunch at J Peters where everyone really enjoyed their meal. Another place we enjoy for lunch is Bucky’s BBQ. The platters offer guests generous portions on side and BQ. My son and I have even been known to share an adult platter. I have heard great things about Cucina 100’s pizza, but we haven’t eaten there yet. If you don’t bring bag lunches to enjoy at a park, each of these would be great place to eat.

Grab a Snack

snack shop in Fountain Inn

Following lunch you may be craving dessert. We recently came across Sweet and Saucy on Trade Street across from the fountain with little library. It is filled with all kinds of candies and other sweet treats. It is a great place to explore. If you don’t crave candy for dessert, they recently started selling ice cream bars and popsicles.

Places to Explore

After all the eating, you will want to sit and digest. The BookQuest is a wonderful used bookstore right on Main Street. We recently spent time flipping through Where is Waldo? and Bad Kitty books there. While there is a wonderful children’s section, you will find books for all ages through out the store. You will also enjoy there hanging book sculptures in the children‘s section. If you want a longer walk before sitting, you will want to head to the Kerry Ann Younts Culp Branch of public library. The Fountain branch has wonderful collection of children’s books.

If you stay closer to downtown rather than walking down the library, you will find the Fountain Inn History Museum. It is wonderful place to explore. We love the stage couch and the railroad areas. It is mostly open during the week. You will find them open some weekends for special events. You can check their website to see if it will be open on the day you want to explore Fountain Inn.

things to do in Fountain Inn

I hope your family enjoys Fountain Inn as much as my family does!

Meet Deirdre
JDaniel4’s Mom is a former teacher who loves to explore Greenville with her preschool son J. Daniel, IV by learning, laughing, listening, and living. She writes about parenting, educational activities, and children’s books on her blog JDaniel4’s Mom. You can connect with her on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and Twitter.Deirdre, JDanielsMom
About the Author
JDaniel4's Mom is a former teacher who loves to explore Greenville with her preschool son J. Daniel, IV by learning, laughing, listening, and living. She writes about parenting, educational activities, and children's books on her blog. You can connect with her on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ or Twitter.

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