Steam Coffee & Cream is a Perfect Family Coffee Shop in Fountain Inn

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Looking for great coffee in Fountain Inn? KAG Contributor Kristina Hernandez is a coffee lover and she found Steam Coffee and Cream along Main Street in Fountain Inn. This family-friendly coffee shop offers great coffee, local treats, games and things to do for the children, plus a wide array of events. The shop is owned by local mom, Adrienne Horne.  Read on for her story and everything this coffee gem offers visitors. 

As a mom, I happen to know a bunch of other moms, like many of us do. I am continually inspired and amazed by the strong, independent, and willful mothers that lurk behind the context of how I met and then interact with these women. One of these women, Adrienne, I knew as only my co-room mom of my daughter’s class last year. We met up a couple times for room mom stuff and I learned that she could plan a killer class party – she earned all my respect right there.

But then – and this is the cool part – a few months ago I ran into her and found out she had done something pretty crazy. She went and bought Steam Coffee & Cream, an awesome little coffee shop in downtown Fountain Inn. She has three kids, a husband, and a fairly busy life but she wanted to “do something”, she told me

Sure, I want to do a lot of things too but none of those tougher days as a parent led me to go and buy a coffee shop. So meet Adrienne Horne, room mom-turned-coffee-shop-owner.

Oh, and she’s due with baby number four in February, which she knew when she bought Steam Coffee & Cream. I’m fairly sure my editors won’t let me say what I truly think of Adrienne but it starts with bad and ends with another name for donkey.

Coffee + Community

I love coffee and I try to combine that addiction with doing fun things with my kids, which is how I initially came across Steam Coffee earlier this year. They were hosting a free art class with a local artist so I brought my kids and hung out for a couple hours. But more recently, I had seen tons of Facebook events at Steam Coffee, things that I definitely wanted to do with my daughters. It comes as no coincidence that the pickup in events came when Adrienne bought herself a coffee shop.

Adrienne wants Steam Coffee to be the “the living room of Fountain Inn”, meaning a place where people can gather, enjoy each other’s company, play a few board games or checkers, and just connect as individuals in a community.

The day I went was the picture of this living room: Steam Coffee was hosting a rock painting event with Fountain Inn Rocks. A long table was set up in the middle of the shop with paint and cups with water and rocks and paper plates. Kids were loving it and their parents certainly enjoyed the many offerings of the coffee shop like lattes, coffees, paninis, chai, and hot chocolate.

Bringing Everyone Together

“Steam Coffee is family-friendly by default,” said Adrienne, as her youngest tapped her belly, presumably to ask for more cheese and crackers, a menu staple at the shop that looks a little fancier than what I provide for my kids at home. It looked delicious.

As I watched families stream in and out of the coffee shop, Adrienne greeted everyone and made them feel welcome. She has a talent for connecting with people in the midst of a very busy atmosphere. Her husband is also very supportive, running out to grab milk, do the grocery shopping, or occupying the kids so she can take care of business. Way to go, Dad!

There are board games throughout the shop and no one cares if something is spilled. Kids are welcome at any age. The entire place is designed to be kid-friendly so don’t be afraid to bring the little ones and have a coffee date with them or a friend.

A breezeway is right outside the shop where kids can run around, which is helpful if they’ve downed a hot chocolate with marshmallows, which I absolutely recommend because it’s delicious and you won’t regret the cup of chocolatey goodness.

Steam Coffee doesn’t have the space for a drive-thru but customers are able to order online for curbside pickup.

Keeping it Local

Adrienne has chosen several local artists to showcase their work and create opportunities to connect with local consumers. She hosted an artisan craft fair in the fall, where several vendors came out to sell their goods, and she plans to hold similar events when the weather turns warmer.

She has some beautiful coffee mugs, handmade sweaters, scarves, and hats, and even books written by a local author. I love this part of the business because it is always fun to learn about talented people in the community and support locally-owned businesses and artists.

What to Order

Everything on the menu is tempting, from the Toasted Marshmallow Hot Chocolate to the breakfast sandwiches with eggs and bacon, to the Chai Latte. Steam Coffee’s chai recently made the list of best places in Greenville by GVLtoday so I had to try it for that reason alone. Also, because I love chai. I also grabbed hot chocolate for my kids, which came with the biggest marshmallows I’ve ever seen, easily the size of a baby’s fist.

Steam Coffee & Cream is open all day and serves breakfast and lunch and an extensive array of gourmet coffee and tea. They also have a kids menu with grilled cheese, the fancy cheese and crackers plate mentioned earlier, and even a chicken salad sandwich.

Next time, I need to try the Spiced Honey chai, White Mocha Lavender and pretty much all of their baked goods, which are created by a local baker.

Go to an Event, Stay to Hang Out

Steam Coffee has lots of great events to attend, where it’s easy to get a good feel of the place and enjoy the community. Downtown Fountain Inn is a really cute place to walk around and bask in the small town feel. They have a farmers market in the summer, carriage rides in the winter, and festivals and special events all year round.

Parking is ample on the street or behind the coffee shop and Steam Coffee is so welcoming that you’ll be planning a return trip even before you leave. Fountain Inn is not far from Greenville, maybe 20 minutes, and seems to be right on the cusp of exploding into a bustling Main Street.

Steam Coffee is within walking distance to two parks and playgrounds and only a 15 minute drive to Cedar Falls Park, a favorite park of our readers.

You never know what’s lurking beneath the surface of the women you know, what inspiration and goals they have, and what leaps of faith they are considering – or maybe have already taken. It can be surprising and great opportunities to support each other.

113 S Main Street A, Fountain Inn

Sunday, closed
Monday – Friday, 7 am –  7 pm
Saturday, 7:30 am – 7 pm

About the Author
Kristina Hernandez is a mom of two girls, freelance writer and photographer. Originally from New Jersey, she is in love with the Upstate and could not imagine raising her kids anywhere else. She enjoys hiking to waterfalls, kayaking, camping, cooking, and exploring all that Greenville has to offer. And she really loves baby goats. Follow her on Instagram at @scadventurer.

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