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Celebrating The German Festivities Of Oktoberfest Near Greenville, SC

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Looking for Oktoberfest events? There are several places celebrating Oktoberfest in Greenville and across the Upstate for you to enjoy, but do you know why people celebrate Oktoberfest or when the event started? KAG has the in on what, where, and why of Oktoberfest, plus we’re sharing all the local Oktoberfest events so you can celebrate, too!

Octoberfest Greer, SC

The Origin of Oktoberfest in Germany

First, let’s talk about how this party got started. Over 200 years ago, a Bavarian crown prince married a princess, which resulted in days of drinking, feasting, and horse races.

I wanted to know why this marriage has been celebrated since October 12, 1810.

It turns out that those horse races were so popular, they decided to do it annually, and that’s why the party continues today. Although, oddly enough, those horse races are no longer a part of the celebration.

To get down to the truth, I consulted my cousin, Frau Roe. She’s a German teacher locally and my go-to for all things Bavarian-related.

So Frau Roe, Why do we celebrate Oktoberfest? Is it because of racehorses, love, or something else?

Frau Roe:
“Today, it’s more of a festival atmosphere, carnival rides, lots of food, lots of beer, still celebrated in the same spot under all those tents. Many Bavarians wear traditional clothing to celebrate history. (Lederhosen and Dirndl) So, while it has changed a lot over the years, the original reason is still in the hearts of the Bavarians. It’s definitely a celebration of heritage! ”

Now that we know the what and why let’s find out where!

2023 Oktoberfest Events near Greenville, South Carolina

For more local options, Oktoberfest celebrations can be found at numerous places around the Upstate.

2023 Oktoberfest Events In Spartanburg, South Carolina

2023 Oktoberfest Events Across The Upstate of South Carolina

  • Walhalla Oktoberfest | October 20th – 22nd
    For 40+ years this South Carolina town has been celebrating its German heritage with a weekend-long celebration. German food, American food, artisan vendors, carnival rides, and fireworks on Saturday night, make this a great family-friendly Oktoberfest to mark on your calendar.

The Country’s Longest Running Oktoberfest: Helen, GA

For hard-core Oktoberfest fans, the longest-running celebration in the US is just a short ride to the mountains of northern Georgia.

Helen, Georgia, the alpine town, boasts the longest-running Oktoberfest celebration with a duration of a month. From the end of September through the end of October, the town hosts a celebration that’s been happening for 50+ years. My family loves Helen, and there’s fun to be had year-round there.

Fall in Love Anytime Of Year With This Bavarian Village Atop The Mountains Of North Georgia

Places To Enjoy German Food Year Round In Greenville, South Carolina

Now that you know the what, why and when about Oktoberfest, throw on that lederhosen or dirndl and get ready to celebrate the 213 years of Oktoberfest!

30+ Milkshake Options At The Crazy Mason Milkshake in Greenville, SC

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Did you know Crazy Mason is now open in Greenville, SC? Milkshakes that take on a life of their own are the trend now in frozen desserts, and a new player is now in the Upstate. The Myrtle Beach-based shake shop, The Crazy Mason, is now open in Greenville, SC.

This article includes:
What is the Crazy Mason?
Crazy Mason Menu: Greenville, SC
Greenville’s Crazy Mason Signature Shake
Does Crazy Mason have dairy-free and vegan options?
Greenville, SC Crazy Mason Hours


10 Great Ways to Meet Mom Friends in Upstate, SC

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Looking to meet other moms around the Upstate, SC? We put together this great list of places to meet other moms around the Greenville area. If you’re looking for a group of moms to meet at a local park with or a group of moms to exercise with we’ve got the information you want!

Mom friends

If you’re new to the Upstate, you might be searching for a good way to meet other moms in your new town.  Or if you’ve been here your whole life but are new to being a mommy you might want some new friends who also have children.  No matter what your situation is, making new friends can be challenging and requires some effort.  But luckily for all of us moms, there are some great resources that can help you connect with other moms in our area.

Out and About Moms of Greenville

Out and About Moms of Greenville (OAMG) is a local group of over 3,400 Upstate moms from all walks of life with children ages 5 and under. In order to ensure that all moms are welcome joining OAMG is completely free and currently runs through Facebook. Due to the limitations, as well as, for safety reasons members are required to maintain active participation. Active participation is defined within the guidelines you agree to upon joining.

The OAMG administrators hold weekly playdates, as well as encourage each mom to create events that suit her needs and schedule. The administrators for this group consistently offer an up-to-date calendar of private events, local happenings, and deals. This forum allows moms in the Upstate the opportunity to get to know one another, plan and attend playdates, provide emotional support, as well as offer and receive much-needed advice.

Out and About Moms of Spartanburg

Another option for making mom friends and getting out of the house is this Out and About Moms of Spartanburg, the sister chapter to Out and About Moms of Greenville. Moms can join this group by simply asking to be added to the closed Facebook group as long as they live close enough to the Spartanburg area to attend events. In this group, anyone can make play dates. If a mom knows of a cool event around town or has an idea for a playdate, she can create the event. They can host something as simple as meeting at the park to play. Also, there are no limits to what types of activities they do (it even includes things like walking and hiking play dates). There is no fee to join, but they do ask that moms who join the group try to attend at least some of the play dates.

Moms of Preschoolers (MOPS)

Another great resource for moms is the International MOPS group which is short for Moms of Pre-Schoolers. There are several local chapters in the Upstate which are run separately. This group for mothers of children birth to kindergarten hosts in-person meetings, as well as online Mama Meetup video chats. Read about the local MOPS group in Greenville from mom Rachel here.

Here are a few local MOPS Groups:

Buncombe Street United Methodist Church, Greenville
Seacoast Church, Greenville
Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, Easley
Upstate MOPS
Anderson MOPS
North Greenville MOPS
Community Bible Church, Easley

Find your nearest MOPS chapter HERE.

MOPS does require yearly dues; the amounts, as well as further information on this annual fee, can be found on their website. The Administrators of each local chapter will offer regularly scheduled meetings, monthly play dates, and a monthly mom’s night/day out. Each chapter provides free pre-school modeled child care through the Moppets program for their meetings. Although MOPS is church-affiliated, you do not have to be a member of the church to join.

Hike It Baby Greenville

If you love the outdoors, consider joining Hike It Baby Greenville. These are moms that take their kids on hikes together in the area – perfect for meeting moms of similar interests.

Kidding Around Greenville Community

It goes without saying that Kidding Around Greenville is an amazing resource for all things family related within the Upstate. However, you might not have known that Kidding Around Greenville has its own community on Facebook for its members to connect. Kidding Around Greenville Community is a wonderful forum open to all readers of Kidding Around Greenville!

Boiling Springs First Baptist Church MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)

This MOPS group meets at 9 a.m. in the fellowship hall of Boiling Springs First Baptist Church in Spartanburg on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday every month during the school year. There is a meeting fee. For more information, please check out their Facebook page.


MOMS Club is an international nonprofit group of “Moms Offering Moms Support” that meets for a variety of group outings and activities. Joining a local moms club group means meeting local moms and their children regularly for playgroups, outings around town, and monthly moms’ nights out. MOMS Club offers a packed calendar that helps get moms out of their homes and into relationships with other moms by creating opportunities to get together with their children in various ways. Their calendar includes everything from zoo outings, baby playdates, park visits, craft get-togethers, community service activities, library events to moms-only trivia nights. Moms get to pick and choose which events they would like to attend – there are no mandatory events.

North Spartanburg MOMS Club

The chapter includes moms living in the following zip codes: 29316, 29349, 29322, 29323, 29330, and 29356. In order to be an active member of the group, there is a $20 yearly fee. For more information about joining this group, please see their Facebook page or contact Northspartanburgmoms@gmail.com.

Spartanburg Stroller Rollers

This group meets to work out together at the Upward Star Center on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 9:30 a.m. for a one-hour class. The website states, “Being a mom and staying fit is a constant challenge.  We strive to bring moms together to encourage one another, get fit, and form lifelong relationships.” There is a cost associated, but your first class is free and there are no contracts (you can cancel your membership at any time). If you have a stroller, check out all the fun these moms are having while exercising with their babies. Note: Spartanburg Stroller Rollers is temporarily closed.

With multiple options, moms can find the groups where they feel most comfortable. Many local moms are active in more than one of these groups! If you are trying to find out where the moms are hanging out in Spartanburg, start with these groups.

Do you have a resource for meeting other moms to add to our list?

Best Sushi Near Greenville, SC: Popular Sushi Spots

Posted on |

Are you looking for fantastic sushi in Greenville, SC? We asked sushi lovers to help us round up some of Greenville’s best sushi restaurants. Each of these restaurants offers traditional sushi rolls, as well as specialty rolls that make each restaurant unique. This list also contains restaurants with a variety of dining options. You’ll find restaurants with sushi delivery near Greenville, as well as curbside take-out, dine-in, and even sushi restaurants with outdoor dining.

Looking for more great restaurants in Greenville, SC? Don’t miss our Ultimate Guide to Restaurants in Greenville, SC.


20+ Things to Do in Charlotte, NC

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Looking for fun things to do in Charlotte, NC? Here’s a list of just a few of the fun things in the Charlotte area. Don’t forget to let us know your favorite things to do in the comments!

Here’s just some of the fun that awaits you in the Queen City! Be sure to check back as we add more first-hand accounts of adventures we have in the Charlotte area. 

Things to Do in Charlotte, NC

This article includes:
Things to Do for the Family Near Charlotte, NC
Things to Do in Gastonia, NC
Things to Do in Cabarrus County, NC
Charlotte, NC Seasonal Fun
Things to Do in York County, SC
Places to Eat Near Charlotte, NC


Travel Guide: Great Family-Friendly Places to Visit in Georgia

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Is your family planning a visit to the state of Georgia? Are you looking for an easy day trip or weekend getaway? Georgia offers everything from Bavarian towns to beaches where you will feel like you are alone on the planet (and everything in-between). We’ve gathered all our Georgia adventures in one convenient spot, to help you decide which destination is right for your family. 

guide to travel georgia

Georgia is split into three regions with distinct characteristics. The North Georgia Mountain Region offers hiking, camping, state parks, and mountain towns like Helen, Georgia. The Piedmont Region is home to Atlanta and its surrounding suburbs, perfect for a weekend trip because of the number of exciting things to do! Lastly, the Coastal Plains Region offers beautiful beaches and rivers to explore, including areas such as Augusta, Savannah, and Jekyll Island. We have gathered reviews of many of these places below!


15 Things to do in Greenville Before Leaving for College

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Here are some summer fun things to do in Greenville, SC before you leave for college! Greenville has so much to offer young adults, and you want to be sure to experience all of them before you pack your bags. Gather some friends and go have fun this summer in Greenville, SC.


Salsa Dancing: Experience The Vibes Of South Beach This Summer in Greenville, SC

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Are you looking for a place to salsa dance in Greenville, SC? If you love salsa dancing and wish you could escape to the exotic nightlife of South Florida, you can for just the cost of a babysitter for a few hours right here in Greenville! Whether you are looking for an escape from the kids in the form of a fun date night or a family date night including the kids– we’ve got a free event you have to check out: Salsa at Sunset.

About Greenville’s Salsa at Sunset

The Salsa at Sunset event sponsored by Upstate International & Pura Alegria dance company will get you as close as you’re going to get to Calle Ocho in Miami without traveling for half a day.

This free event is held during the summer months once a month in June, July, and August. An hour-long complimentary salsa dance lesson starts at 6:15 pm and the live music starts at 7 pm plays until 10 pm. In 2021, the event moved from the plaza in front of the Peace Center to the NEW Camperdown Plaza and it’s awesome. The space is beautiful and you can grab cookies from Insomnia or ice cream at Jeni’s right there. So fun.

If there were a way to somehow import the smell of ocean air and fill the airspace in front of the Peace Center with it, you’d never know that you were in the foothills of South Carolina and not Miami.


Fall in Love Anytime Of Year With This Bavarian Village Atop The Mountains Of North Georgia

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If you’re looking for a change of scenery that feels like you’ve traveled across the world, but only used a tank of gas, then Helen, Georgia is the perfect place to go. This quaint mountain town in northern Georgia is a fun place to visit no matter what time of year you decide to go. Helen offers tubing in the summer, Oktoberfest in the fall, and numerous activities that celebrate German culture. We have all the information you need to plan your trip!

Check out this neighboring town that also makes for a great weekend getaway! Plan a Trip to Blairsville, in the Georgia Mountains

This article includes:
Oktoberfest in Helen, GA
Tubing in Helen, GA
Hiking in Helen, GA
Dining in Helen, GA
Where to Stay in Helen, GA
Other Special Events in Helen, GA


5 Best Breakfast Restaurants in Greenville, SC

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Are you looking for some new awesome breakfast restaurants in Greenville, SC? For a tired parent, the prospect of getting out of bed any earlier than absolutely necessary is totally absurd. The only thing that might make it happen is an epic breakfast cooked (and cleaned up) by someone other than you. We get it! That’s why we recently polled Kidding Around Readers to find out what locally owned breakfast places have the power to get you up and dressed in the morning!

Reader Picks for The Best Breakfast in Greenville, SC

dog/cocoa/avocado toast