50+ Milkshake Options At The Crazy Mason Milkshake in Greenville, SC

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Did you know Crazy Mason is now open in Greenville, SC? Milkshakes that take on a life of their own are the trend now in frozen desserts, and a new player is now in the Upstate! The Myrtle Beach-based shake shop, The Crazy Mason, is now open in Greenville, SC!

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What is the Crazy Mason?
Crazy Mason Menu: Greenville, SC
Greenville’s Crazy Mason Signature Shake
Does Crazy Mason have dairy-free and vegan options?
Greenville, SC Crazy Mason Hours

The Crazy Mason Milkshake Bar

Visitors to the West End of Greenville have a new spot to grab a treat. The Crazy Mason is now located in the retail space attached to the Homewood Suites. It’s hard to believe, but owners Bo and Sherri Steele have only been at this since June of 2020. This is even more amazing when you take into consideration what else was going on in the world at the time. The success of The Crazy Mason is a testament to their magical milkshakes that now the Upstate can enjoy!

There are over 50 menu options and combinations of milkshakes at the Crazy Mason, plus a few other treats like sundaes and even pie.

The Milkshakes

The signature item is a milkshake in a branded mason jar, filled and topped with delicious things like cookies, cake, cheesecake, and more. The menu boasts 38 regular and seasonal flavor combinations with everything from a Unicorn themed milkshake (pictured) that includes: Cotton Candy Ice Cream in a marshmallow fluff swirled jar with a vanilla buttercream rim rolled in Cotton Candy Crunch. The milkshake is topped with a white chocolate candy unicorn horn, marshmallow ears, and a cotton candy mane and finished with more of the Cotton Candy Crunch sprinkles and whipped topping.

Crazy Mason unicorn milkshake

Are you more of a traditionalist? How about a banana split as a milkshake? The Bananas Over You shake has all of the elements of a traditional banana split, perched on top of a vanilla, banana, and peanut butter flavored milkshake.

Guests can also order mini versions of the Crazy Masons as Crazy Cups. These smaller versions are perfect when your kids want something like cotton candy-flavored ice cream, and you are eyeballing the berry cheesecake and chocolate masterpiece. The kids get the Crazy Cups, and mom gets what she wants.

Crazy Mason’s Signature Greenville Dessert Shake

Yeah THAT Milkshake is made with salted caramel cookie ice cream and topped with some local ingredients, like a Liberty Bridge sugar cookie from the Frosting Fairy and caramel chocolate caramel corn from Poppington’s. It also comes in a custom Greenville mason jar with a green frosted rim and rabbit graham crackers. It’s Greenville in milkshake form.

Crazy Desserts

The Crazy Mason also offers an ice cream sandwich called a Crazy Bomb, sundaes using waffles aka Crazy Waffles, and a slew of other dessert treats, including cheesecake and donuts cinnamon rolls, slices of pie, and more. These are called what else, but Crazy Desserts.

Dairy Free at Crazy Mason

Yes! There are three flavors of oat-based vegan/dairy-free ice cream at Crazy Mason. The flavors can be substituted in any Crazy Mason shake, plus there are a few totally dairy-free desserts already on the menu.

The entire menu can be found on The Crazy Mason Milkshake Bar Website.

The Crazy Mason in Greenville, SC: Hours

Milkshake lovers of the Upstate can now enjoy Crazy Mason without heading to the beach. The Crazy Mason officially opened in Greenville on August 23, 2022 at 942 South Main Street, Greenville.

Hours for the Greenville location are as follows:

Monday through Friday: 3 pm to 9 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 1 pm to 9 pm

The Crazy Mason Milkshake Bar Locations

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