Celebrating The German Festivities Of Oktoberfest Near Greenville, SC

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Looking for Oktoberfest events? There are several places celebrating Oktoberfest in Greenville and across the Upstate for you to enjoy, but do you know why people celebrate Oktoberfest or when the event started? KAG has the in on what, where, and why of Oktoberfest, plus we’re sharing all the local Oktoberfest events so you can celebrate, too!

Octoberfest Greer, SC

The Origin of Oktoberfest in Germany

First, let’s talk about how this party got started. Over 200 years ago, a Bavarian crown prince married a princess, which resulted in days of drinking, feasting, and horse races.

I wanted to know why this marriage has been celebrated since October 12, 1810.

It turns out that those horse races were so popular, they decided to do it annually, and that’s why the party continues today. Although, oddly enough, those horse races are no longer a part of the celebration.

To get down to the truth, I consulted my cousin, Frau Roe. She’s a German teacher locally and my go-to for all things Bavarian-related.

So Frau Roe, Why do we celebrate Oktoberfest? Is it because of racehorses, love, or something else?

Frau Roe:
“Today, it’s more of a festival atmosphere, carnival rides, lots of food, lots of beer, still celebrated in the same spot under all those tents. Many Bavarians wear traditional clothing to celebrate history. (Lederhosen and Dirndl) So, while it has changed a lot over the years, the original reason is still in the hearts of the Bavarians. It’s definitely a celebration of heritage! ”

Now that we know the what and why let’s find out where!

2023 Oktoberfest Events near Greenville, South Carolina

For more local options, Oktoberfest celebrations can be found at numerous places around the Upstate.

2023 Oktoberfest Events In Spartanburg, South Carolina

2023 Oktoberfest Events Across The Upstate of South Carolina

  • Walhalla Oktoberfest | October 20th – 22nd
    For 40+ years this South Carolina town has been celebrating its German heritage with a weekend-long celebration. German food, American food, artisan vendors, carnival rides, and fireworks on Saturday night, make this a great family-friendly Oktoberfest to mark on your calendar.

The Country’s Longest Running Oktoberfest: Helen, GA

For hard-core Oktoberfest fans, the longest-running celebration in the US is just a short ride to the mountains of northern Georgia.

Helen, Georgia, the alpine town, boasts the longest-running Oktoberfest celebration with a duration of a month. From the end of September through the end of October, the town hosts a celebration that’s been happening for 50+ years. My family loves Helen, and there’s fun to be had year-round there.

Fall in Love Anytime Of Year With This Bavarian Village Atop The Mountains Of North Georgia

Places To Enjoy German Food Year Round In Greenville, South Carolina

Now that you know the what, why and when about Oktoberfest, throw on that lederhosen or dirndl and get ready to celebrate the 213 years of Oktoberfest!

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