Top 9 Parks in Spartanburg, SC with Playgrounds for Kids

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Are you looking for the best parks in Spartanburg, SC? With a little help from our readers, we’ve put together a list of the best parks in Spartanburg County based on their suggestions. Whether you’re looking for a park with a giant playground or one with a great walking trail, you’re sure to find it on this list!

Spartanburg County is home to several outstanding parks that each offer unique features. For example, some parks are perfect for hot summer days because they offer splash pads, while others offer lots of shade. Other parks offer walking trails or disc golf courses.

spartanburg parks

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No matter what your family is looking for, there is sure to be a park that meets your family’s desires. The list of park options is huge, so, to make help you narrow down your choices, here are a few of the best parks in Spartanburg, SC.

Tyger River Park

179 Dillard Road, Duncan

Within this large sports complex, there is a great park for kids to run, climb, dig in the sand, and get wet. It has a brand-new playground and lots to explore!

It’s big, has a splash pad, and has shade!

Ashley R./cite>

We love Tyger River Park because it has two age-divided playgrounds, a climbing pyramid, and a splash pad along with a walking trail and disc golf. It’s just a great selection, and it’s really close to our house.

Amanda H.
Tyger River Playground

Downtown Memorial Airport Park

500 Ammons Road, Spartanburg

The City of Spartanburg’s airport park is located right by the Downtown Memorial Airport, and the park is aviation-themed! In addition to the fun airplane theme, there is also a splash pad.

Airport is our new favorite.

Kayla L.

Note: The splash pad is slick so we recommend water shoes that grip well and to watch your kids carefully to make sure that they don’t run in the area.

The playground at Spartanburg Airport Park

Happy Hollow Park

Glendalyn Avenue between South Fairview Street and Connecticut Avenue, Spartanburg

Hidden within Converse Heights, this fenced-in park is well-loved by the community and is open to visitors.

Happy Hollow – shaded, fenced in, a short walk from parking to play.

Kristie M.

Happy Hollow…because shade.

Heidi W.
Happy Hallow Park in Spartanburg County

295 Park

2100 Southport Road, Spartanburg

A reader describes this park as “a little playground on Southport near Big Lots. The park has soccer fields and baseball fields. The playground got rebuilt within the last year or so.”

*Recommended by a local kid!

Cleveland Park

141 N. Cleveland Park Drive, Spartanburg

Located in the middle of Spartanburg, Cleveland Park is a gem. This large park offers a nice playground, as well as a lake and walking trails. It is the perfect park to visit to have a picnic, and there are a number of picnic shelters available, as well.

Cleveland Park Playground

Miracle Park at North Spartanburg

1160 Old Furnace Road, Boiling Springs

North Spartanburg Park in Boiling Springs is also home to Miracle Park. Miracle Park is a fun and unique park with a 100% handicapped-accessible playground. The playground is designed with ramps and a rubber surface.

*Recommended by a local kid!

Boiling Springs Community Park

182 Rainbow Lake Road, Boiling Springs

Located behind a fire station and across the street from Walmart, this enclosed local park is also a fan favorite. It has a playground and a walking trail.
Boiling Springs Community Park

Boiling Springs community park is our favorite.

Blair T.
Boiling Springs Park Playground

Va-Du-Mar McMillan Park

591 McMillin Boulevard, Boiling Springs

This sports complex also includes a huge fenced-in playground area. Additionally, it offers a disc golf course and a wooded trail.

Va-Du-Mar McMillian Park is always a favorite. It has one large playground and another one on the right when you first pull in. Not a lot of shade but they do have trails that are used for disc golf. I take the kids up in there. There’s also a little creek that the kids like to play in. Lots of soccer fields, and I believe tennis courts. Also has a nice bathroom, the only downfall is that it is a hike with small kids to walk.

Audrey S.
Va-Du-Mar Park Playground

My Family’s Personal Favorite Park . . . Anchor Park

Anchor Park at Lake Bowen
8515 Highway 9, Inman

My family lived in Boiling Springs for several years. When we lived in Boiling Springs, our favorite park to visit was Anchor Park at Lake Bowen. This park offers a large fenced-in playground overlooking beautiful Lake Bowen. Additionally, it has ample amounts of shade and separate play areas for little ones and big kids. Even though we live on the westside now, we still take trips to this park.

Anchor Park playground next to Lake Bowen

Did your favorite Spartanburg County park make our list? Let us know which parks you recommend in the comments!

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