Tyger River Park Has One of the Biggest Playgrounds Around: Spartanburg, SC

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Have you visited Tyger River Park in Spartanburg County? This giant park is home to ball fields, a huge playground, a splash pad, and more. Read on to hear everything parents need to know about Tyger River Park.

You definitely want to make the time to check out Tyger River Park operated by Spartanburg County Parks. It is located at 179 Dillard Road in Duncan, South Carolina. Don’t let appearances deceive you- there is more to this park than perfectly kept baseball fields. It’s a playground experience for all ages, especially with the brand-new renovation of 2023.

Parks in Spartanburg, SC

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Spartanburg’s Tyger River Park is For All Ages

When you first enter the gates to Tyger River Park, you won’t be able to see the playground areas from the road that encircles the enclosure. Look for the tall tower in the center of the grounds. The brand-new playgrounds and giant sandbox are located on either side of it. Follow the signs to the Clubhouse and park there. From the parking lot, it’s a short walk to the play areas. You can get a sense of the park’s scale and use this handy park map to help plan your day.

Tyger River Playground

Play Equipment for All Ages at Tyger River Park

There is truly play equipment for all ages.

The first playground is geared for younger children, toddlers to preschool age. There are slides, swings, play horses, and even a cute little house to stoke the imagination. This playground is within sight of the giant sandbox, too. Kids can bring their own sand toys or just play around in Duncan’s version of “the beach.”

The location is perfect for smaller children to independently play between the sandbox and the playground, and benches are provided for adult supervision if you are lucky enough to get a chance to sit down. The new playground includes shaded benches for parents as well.

Playground at Tyger River Park

The second playground is much bigger and caters to children ages 5-12. The many slides available are taller and faster than the smaller playground and climbing features are more challenging. There are also swings in this area.

The new playground has five benches with shade and is covered in astroturf.

Shaded benches at Tyger River Park

Splash Pad at Tyger River Park

The splash pad is open 9 am to 8 pm between Memorial Day to Labor Day. It opens on May 27, 2024. Located just past the playground area (opposite the direction of the Clubhouse), kids can easily go from the playground to the splash pad to cool off and back to the playground. Double bonus: the splash pad is fenced in.

Clean bathrooms

The bathrooms for the public are located on the side of the Clubhouse building. They were clean and well-stocked with soap and both paper towels and air dryers. As parents, you can never underestimate the awesomeness of a park restroom that doesn’t make you cringe

A Couple of Considerations for Tyger River Park

Bring sunscreen and water

The new playground has benches with shade and the shade screen above the sandbox does provide some relief but the playgrounds have no shade. Especially in the hot days of summer, it’s important to bring sunscreen and water. On warmer days, it is definitely best to plan on arriving early in the morning or in the late afternoon/early evening or spend hotter parts of the day at the splash pad.

Supervision may be challenging for children of different ages.

Tyger River is a big park and the playgrounds are on opposite sides of the tower, which can make it hard to watch kids of different age groups. So plan on negotiating how much time you will spend on which playground or bring a second adult for help with supervision.

Our Review

With proper planning, Tyger River Park is a must-do for a positive play experience for all ages. And we just love the new play equipment! With so much to do, the kids will be occupied for hours, so don’t forget to pack snacks and water or bring along a lunch to eat at the nearby picnic tables.

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