Best Places To Get Ears Pierced Near Greenville, SC

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Are you or your kids wanting to get an ear piercing? Greenville, SC has some phenomenal piercing shops to go to. If you’ve got a little girl, chances are you’ve talked about piercing her ears or if she’s old enough to ask, she’s asked you about getting her ears pierced.

When we asked our readers where to get ears pierced around town, most of them said either the pediatrician’s office or a tattoo/piercings shop. I never would have thought of a professional tattoo or piercings parlor but after doing some research, I will likely consider them when my kids want their ears pierced.  

Place to get an ear piercing in Greenville SC.

I got my ears pierced in high school and it was so painful but I felt pretty cool finally being able to wear earrings. Then, I went back for a second hole a few years later – also painful! Here is where our readers recommend getting ears pierced:

Recommended Places for Ear Piercing: Greenville, SC

Embellish Me

Located off of Haywood Road in Greenville, Embellish Me is a warm and inviting shop thanks to the piercers that work there! They offer curated jewelry collections in addition to a multitude of piercing options.

For children, the child must be at least 5 to have their ears pierced and able to consent to the piercing. Piercings for kids ages 5-12 are free, just the cost of jewelry, and they do not use piercing guns.

Reservations are required.

What our readers say:

Such a friendly staff and the shop is clean and comfortable. They did an amazing job with our 6 and 8 year olds. Would highly recommend.


301 Haywood Road, Greenville; 864.236.1157

Sticks & Stones Body Piercing

Located in Spartanburg, Sticks & Stones Body Piercing only does piercings so they are experts. For ear lobe piercings, prices start at $40.

What our readers say:

We also had a great experience at Sticks and Stones. They were great with my daughter on her 7th birthday. Quick, clean, and they even asked me to double and triple check that I also agreed the marks were even before piercing.


Sticks and Stones! I’ve had several piercings done there. Super clean and professional. Just avoid places like [store chains that use piercing guns] and the like. Tattoo shops are a good choice too.


Sticks and stones piercing shop. They are clean, licensed, and know what they are doing!


8009 Warren H. Abernathy Hwy, Spartanburg; 864.804.6440

Parkside Pediatrics

Of our readers who answered the question about ear piercing, Greenville, SC residents said Parkside Pediatrics. This popular pediatrics practice has locations in Greenville, Simpsonville, Greer, and Spartanburg. Children who have had their four-month vaccines are eligible for ear piercings.

What our readers say:

Parkside Pediatrics did a great job on my nieces ears and they weren’t regular patients. Wonderful place!


Parkside pediatrics does piercing! Highly recommend them.


See the website for locations; 864.272.0388

Purple Haze

Another piercings-only shop located in Greenville, Purple Haze was mentioned several times by our readers as a place they trust to pierce their kids’ ears.

What our readers say:

Purple Haze did amazing with my 4 year old daughter. The piercer was fast and my daughter felt no pain, just some pressure. It’s been a year and we had no problem with the healing process.


493 S. Pleasantburg Drive, Greenville; 864.232.5569

Piercing Pagoda

Piercing Pagoda is one of those places in the mall that’s not in a store but in the main hall. They offer reasonable jewelry and ear piercing. Ear piercing is free and you pay for the jewelry.

What our readers say:

We did it at Piercing Pagoda in Haywood Mall with both of our daughters when they were 6 months old and it was fine. They are now 5 and 7 and had no problems at all.


700 Haywood Road, Greenville; 864.676.0288

Pigtails & Crewcuts

Not all Pigtails & Crewcuts do ear piercing but the one located in Five Forks in the Lowes Foods plaza does. They have staff who are trained to do this.

What our readers say:

Pigtails and Crewcuts in Five Forks did an amazing job on my granddaughter. And they had 2 people so both ears were done at the same time. Very professional.


2815 Woodruff Road, Simpsonville; 864.626.3338

Where did you get your ears pierced?

Additional Reader-Recommended Services in Greenville, SC

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