Black Sheep Café and Catering in Piedmont, SC has Dinner Ready For Tired Parents

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Are you looking for a family-friendly place to eat out or a way to have dinner all ready to heat up at home after a long day? Black Sheep Café and Catering can help you no matter which you prefer.

Until this family-owned restaurant popped up on my list of places to feature, I’ll be honest, I’d not heard of it previously. Now, that I have, it’s all I can think about. I started seeing foodie friends, like The Pickens Foodie posting about it, and I knew I had to get to Piedmont to check them out.

The mixture of homestyle American menu items mixed with Hispanic and Caribbean items would have sealed the deal if I hadn’t already been convinced. Then something caught my eye in the info they submitted that impressed me, a technique I don’t think anyone else that caters locally uses.

I am also proud of our whole pig cooked in a Chinese box when we cater.

Black Sheep Owner & Chef – Elizabeth Barrera

No. She’s not talking about one of those origami-style folded white cardboard boxes your fried rice comes in. She’s talking about La Caja China (Lah Cah-Ha Cheena), the Hispanic version of your Big Green Egg. If you’ve ever been to a pig roast where the whole pig is wrapped in a million banana leaves and then buried and topped with coals, you know that – A/ it’s amazing, B/ it’s a LOT of work, C/ you can’t just go digging holes and setting fires in your yard if you have an HOA. That’s where La Caja China comes in. So, the fact that Black Sheep Cafe & Catering uses this to prepare their catering feasts, means they KNOW what’s up.

Black Sheep Café and Catering in Piedmont, SC

Owners name: Cody, Jesse & Elizabeth Barrera (left to right)

Do you have a kids menu? Yes

Do employees wear masks? Yes

What are your contactless delivery options? Curbside pickup

Do you offer outdoor dining? No

What makes your spot unique?
Chef Elizabeth is from Colombia, and you will see some Latin dishes on our specials and Catering. Chef Cody is born and raised in South Carolina. You will see some good ol’Southern dishes on our specials and catering as well. The fact that we offer take-and-bake dinners for Pickup or delivery is a big deal for Piedmont.

What dish is the most popular?
chicken bacon ranch wrap

What dish are you the proudest of?

It is so difficult just to pick one. I am proud of our Carolina burger from the lunch menu. I am proud of our Gumbo from our take and bake dinners. I am also proud of our whole pig cooked in a Chinese box when we cater.

It’s my first time at your restaurant, what do you suggest we order?
Order from the special board, you won’t regret it. Our specialty sandwiches and Salads are very popular. we have regulars that just go straight to our chef’s feature menu

Where do you love to eat when not at work?
Pita House, Yellow Ginger, and Trubroth

Gifting Options: N/A

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Black Sheep Café & Catering: Fried Green Panini | Photo Credit: The Pickens Foodie

What Locals Have To Say About Black Sheep Café & Catering

Love the place my weekly treat! Been going 5 years!

Margaret Chapman

We definitely want to keep Black Sheep Café and Catering in business!!! Love the take and bake meals with delivery option.

Judy Bryant Roper

LOVEEEEEEEE Black Sheep Café and Catering

Robyn C

Learn More About Black Sheep Café & Catering

Black Sheep Café & Catering
1413 Highway 86, Piedmont SC 29673 | 8648451212

Black Sheep Café & Catering: Chicken Salad Cucumber Cups | Photo Credit: The Pickens Foodie

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Have you dined in or enjoyed a take-and-bake meal from Black Sheep Café & Catering? We want to know what you enjoy when you do!

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