5 Best Places for Chinese Takeout in Spartanburg, SC: Reader Reviews

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If you are craving the best Chinese food, Spartanburg, SC has a couple of restaurants that our readers have some pretty strong opinions about. These are the Chinese restaurants where our Spartanburg readers go when it’s time for egg rolls, fried rice, and a delicious meal.

Reader recommended restaurants with the best Chinese food in Spartanburg, South Carolina

I don’t know about you, but for as long as I can remember, whenever I’m feeling under the weather all I want is to sink into a serving of Chinese food! There’s just something therapeutic about sinking into a warm bowl of egg drop soup with a steamy pot of Oolong tea.

Best Chinese Food: Spartanburg, SC Restaurants

Hong Xing Chinese Restaurant

864. 949-8889 | 12175 West Greenville Hwy, Lyman
One of my favorite parts of a Chinese meal is the egg rolls, and they’ve got the best I’ve found in the Hub City. I usually order what my children refer to as “chicken lollipops,” pork fried rice, a spicy chicken dish for me, and several egg rolls. I order several more now that my children caught wind of how awesome they are. They are extremely busy on the weekends, so don’t wait until you are hangry to order.

Panda Garden Chinese Restaurant

864.595.2988 | 2420 Reidville Road, Spartanburg

Panda Garden. Consistently good and fast every time.

Dodi W.

Panda Garden off of Reidville Rd never disappoints

Joy Giles Holden

Hunan K

864.576.8277 | 2401 Reidville Road – #3, Spartanburg

Hunan is a great place .@ Reidville rd

Trish Craig

Hunan k is my favorite! Great food and service everything. Never had any problems with my order.

Amanda c

Hunan K on Reidville Rd. best lon mein and crispy egg rolls

Karie G.

Hunan K Restaurant…..best hot & sour soup, also fabulous chinese donuts!

Taran M.

Third for Hunan K!

Megan D.

New China

864.583.4731 | 860 East Main Street, Spartanburg

New China! Hands down the best sweet and sour chicken and jumbo shrimp too.

Genevieve S

New China. My kids LOVE Amy

Maren Worley Catolico
Monsoon Noodle House in Spartanburg, South Carolina

The Monsoon Noodle House

Pan Asian Cuisine
864.582.0618 | 129 West Main Street, Spartanburg
I was feeling under the weather recently and a good friend took me to Monsoon and ordered me up a bowl of soup. It’s his go-to cure-all whenever he is sick. I can’t speak to its medicinal quality, but boy was it delicious!

I’m a big fan of Monsoon House in downtown Spartanburg.

Lori W.

What restaurant do you think has the best Chinese food in Spartanburg, SC?

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